Planet Ketu Dosha Remedies, Nivaran and Effects

In the Vedic scriptures and astrology, Ketu is considered as a shadow planet or Chayagraha or a node that is positioned opposite to Rahu. The movements of Rahu and Ketu are interrelated and as the parts of the same body they are always opposite to each other. Rahu and Ketu represent the parts of the same demon with Ketu representing its tail. Ketu (like Rahu) is not a physical or observable heavenly body like all the other planets that form the Navagrahas; neither does it represent any zodiac sign. Ketu is an imaginary point in the sky but because of its spiritual influence on the human beings it has been given the status of a planet by ancient Rishis and sages.

Ketu is regarded as a phase of difficult karma where a person reaps the results of his/her karmic past. It is considered to be a path towards Moksha (or liberation from the cycle of life and death) but is full of obstacles. The other side of Ketu symbolizes the understanding of the mysterious knowledge of life. Just like Rahu, Ketu also gives sudden and unexpected results.

The planet Ketu is known to instill spirituality. Those, influenced by it, attain spiritual achievements. Those with a benefic Ketu have good healing powers and have an ability to heal through their spiritual powers.

A favorably placed Ketu in one’s horoscope provides wealth, leisure, knowledge and intuition. An adversely placed Ketu results in poor concentration, worries and unnecessary depression.

Astrological Significance of Ketu

Ketu is the south-node of the Moon, which in Sanskrit means a sign or banner. Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desires or spirituality (Rahu is the planet of worldly desires). It is responsible for the spiritual evolution. Ketu’s ultimate aim is to turn an individual towards the Divine after putting obstacles in his/her paths and hence it is considered to be a planet with worldly malefic buy spiritual benefic. It refines the human materialistic needs and transforms it into spiritualism. The karakas (indicators) of Ketu are liberation, wisdom, intelligence, otherworldly desires and non-attachment, sharp insight and physic abilities. Ketu represents a fiery temperament.

Ketu in a person’s natal chart works well in conjunction with Mercury, Saturn and Venus, but not with Sun, Moon and Rahu.

Ketu gives prosperity to a person and his family, removes the effect of snakebites and poison in one’s body. He also bestows good health, wealth and cattle.

The color related to Ketu is black or smoky grey. Its gemstone is Cat’s Eye or Lahsunia.

Lessons of Ketu

Ketu is represented by the lower part of the celestial snake. Ketu causes great obstructions in a person’s path. It sets up roadblocks in your journey of life. It causes pain and angst as it wants to change the person’s psyche and thus learn to leave your thoughts of past karma behind. People who are unable to understand and harness the karmic nature of Ketu shall live a sorrowful existence. But at times it is difficult for a person to be in the way of Ketu. To deal with the obstacles set by Ketu an individual need to understand the celestial plan for each of our destiny. Ketu causes obstacles in life for your self-realization which will ultimately lead to self-enlightenment. One can think of the problems caused by Ketu as that of walking through fire and coming out of it stronger.

Ruling Gods

The ruling deity or the planetary overlord of Ketu is Lord Ganesha. Devotees who worship Ganesha and chant His mantras can pacify the malefic of Ketu and increase its benefics.

Chakra Significance

Ketu governs our Muladhara Chakra or root chakra, the source of our energy body. It is the foundation from which we climb the ladder of the Chakras; the root from which we receive the nourishment for our spiritual development. When this chakra is unbalanced it causes poor concentration, worries and depression. These traits are similar to that of Ketu malefic. And if open or balanced the Muladhara brings emotions of joy, freedom, harmony and nearness to God. A balanced Muladhara chakra or a benefic Ketu has the same effect on a human being. A blocked Muladhara chakra affects the bladder and prostate, varicose veins and legs/feet/knee/bone/ankles.

Ketu Mythologies

During the legendary Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean of milk) by Devas and Asuras to release Amrit (divine nectar), Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini, a beautiful dancer to distribute the nectar. But with the intent of preserving the good, Mohini gave the Amrit only to the Devas. The asura Svarbhanu noticing this bias of Mohini went and sat next to the Gods and drank some of the Amrit. Surya Dev and Chandra Dev realized the asura drinking nectar and alerted Mohini, who took the form of Maha Vishnu and severed the head of the demon with his Sudarshan Chakra. But as he had already drunk the Amrit, the head as well as the body did not perish. The head was taken by his mother Simihika who nursed it patiently, which after some time got the body of a serpent. The head became known as Rahu. The severed body of the demon was taken by a Brahmin Mini who raised it like his own son. Lord Vishnu later blessed the body with the head of a serpent. The body of the demon became known as Ketu. However both the body and the head that is Rahu and Ketu never forgave Surya and Chandra Dev and have their revenge from time to time when they cause eclipses. It is believed that Rahu swallows the Sun causing an eclipse. The Sun then escapes through the opening in the neck to end the eclipse. Ketu swallows the Moon to cause lunar eclipse.

Another fable involves Lord Hanuman and the demon king Ravana. It is believed that when Ravana imprisoned the Navgrahas, Hanuman arrived and freed them. All the Grahas thanked Hanuman and said that His devotees would also be blessed by them. Hence the malefic of any planet (including Ketu Dosh) can be removed by praying to Hanuman.

Day Tuesday
Direction South Lunar Node
Numerological number 7
Significant Chakra Muladhara chakra
Cosmic Color Black
Nature Furious and aggressive
Special features Spiritual liberation or Moksha
Metal Iron
Precious Stone Cat’s Eye (Lahsunia)
Vimshottari Mahadasha period 7 years
Benefic Ketu Spiritual Upliftment
Malefic Ketu Arrogance, ignorance and jealousy
Representation Old people
Body parts ruled Legs/Feet/Knee/Bone/Ankles, Endocrine system
Diseases due to afflicted Ketu Tension, Stress, Restlessness

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