Planet Mangal Dosha Remedies, Nivaran and Effects

According to Vedic scriptures and astrology, Mars (Mangal in Sanskrit) is a celestial planet (Graha) that governs energy and power. The color red of Mar gives it a fiery nature. Mars in a person’s natal chart bestows courage and confidence.

Mars is the action planet of the zodiac considered as the commander-in-chief of all the nine planets and is personified as the God of War. He rules over one’s courage, valor, endurance, self-confidence and leadership abilities. Mars rules over the power and expression of confidence in a human being. It governs the energy, passion and drive in an individual. Mars can be thought of as an energy that demands action. It is this pure energy that is the driving force of learning new skills and achievement in life. This energy is competitive and assertive and if channeled correctly can act as a healthy aggression.

Mars in the Ascendant or rising sign makes an individual look young. The other characters imparted by Mars to its native are energy, determination to do any task, administrative skills, a sense of purpose and an independent spirit. People with a strong influence of Mars are short tempered and prefer arguments. Mars characterizes soldiers, engineers, builders, policemen, surgeons etc.

Mars is also the ruler of passion and controls sexuality and hence the placement of Mars in one’s natal chart is a deciding factor in Hindu marriages. Its element is Fire as it is the element of passion and aggression. It is also known to be a talkative planet and is a persuader. It is the planetary individuality of Mars that manifests in the human beings to express the mysteries of the Cosmos.

Astrological Significance of Mars

As per Vedic astrology Mars is the planet that establishes our energy, action, and desire. It governs our animal instincts for aggression and survival. It can be thought of as the push that gets us out of bed in the morning, our active energy and the drive and desire in our nature. When Mars is on our “good side” we become self-assured, directed, forthright and courageous. However when Mars is on our “bad side” we become impulsive, impatient, aggressive, and forceful.

In our natal chart, the position of Mars determines our sexual nature or body attraction, our instinct to act and the things that may make us angry. Our competitive spirit is also governed by the red planet. Both Sun and Mars are considered to be hot planets; however the heat or energy of the Sun sustains life on earth whereas the energy of Mars is can trigger destruction like accidents and wars. This is the reason why Mars is usually marked as a malefic planet. While Sun is related to creative energy, Mars represents our raw energy. It influences our sexuality and sexual life. As per astrology Mars is a deciding factor in your physical attraction and how you will pursue your potential partner. It also determines whether you will have a romantic or detached sex life. A benefic Mars in a native’s chart results in an adventurous spirit, self-confidence, conviviality, power of argumentation, strong determination and leadership qualities in all endeavors. A malefic Mars in a native’s chart results in short-temper, brutality, aggression, quarrelsome and infidelity.

The color related to Mars is red. Its gemstone is Red Coral or Moonga.

Lessons That Mars Teaches

As per Vedic astrology Mars is the God of War and the ruler of Aries. It is the Graha that determines energy, desire and action. It is also believed to be the “leftover” animal nature of humans, our survival instinct which rules the human instincts of aggression, anger and survival. This is a planet of action and not reaction; however as Mars is not a “thinking” planet there is no deliberation before the actions. It gives self-assertion unlike the Sun which gives assertion of the will. It commands the human survival for life’s stability. Its malefic effect in a native’s chart results in instability in one’s personal and professional life as well as in the mind. It teaches us to cope up with the situation, face the dangers head on by releasing fears and realize how to achieve stability.

Worship of Mars and Ruling Gods:

Lord Kartikeya is the war lord and the ruler of Mars. Praying to Kartikeya or Murugan helps appease planet Mars, and removes its malefic effects. Mangal graha is ruled by our Muladhara Chakra. Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles resides in this chakra. Therefore one suffering from Mars or Mangal dosh can pray to Ganesha. Lord Hanuman is also believed to be the Lord of Mars. He grants fortitude and strength to His devotees. Offering Him Red Goolar or Kaner can prevent the ill effects caused by Mars.

Chakra Significance

Mars governs our Muladhara Chakra or Root chakra, the source of our energy body. It is the foundation from which we climb the ladder of the Chakras; the root from which we receive the nourishment for our spiritual development. When this chakra is unbalanced it causes poor concentration, worries and depression. These traits are similar to that of Mangal malefic. And if open or balanced the Muladhara brings emotions of joy, freedom, harmony and nearness to God. A balanced Muladhara chakra or a benefic Mangal has the same effect on a human being. A blocked Muladhara chakra affects the bladder and prostate, red blood cells and bone marrow.

Mars In Ancient Mythologies

When Lord Shiva was immersed in deep meditation in Mount Kailash, it is said that three drops of perspiration fell from His forehead to the Earth. A beautiful baby with reddish complexion and four arms was born from the drops. Lord Shiva handed the infant to Goddess Bhumi for rearing. As the child was raised by Bhumi He was named Bhauma. After growing up, Bhauma went to Kashi and performed severe penance to please Shiva, who blessed him with Mangala loka (the abode of Mangala) which was better than the Shukra loka. Hence Bhauma got recognition in our solar system as Mangala.

Another story involves Lord Hanuman and the demon king Ravana. It is believed that when Ravana imprisoned the Navgrahas, Hanuman arrived and freed them. All the Grahas thanked Hanuman and said that His devotees would also be blessed by them. Hence the malefic of any planet (including Mangal Dosh) can be removed by praying to Hanuman

Day Tuesday
Direction South
Numerological number 9
Significant Chakra Muladhara chakra
Cosmic Color Red
Nature Furious and aggressive
Special features Dissatisfaction, Instability
Metal Copper
Precious Stone Red Coral (Moonga)
Vimshottari Mahadasha period 7 years
Benefic Mars Wealth, Stability, good position in society
Malefic Mars Arrogance, ignorance and Separation
Representation Younger sibling
Body parts ruled Red blood cells, Bone marrow
Diseases given by Mars Stress, Loneliness, Blood problems

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