Planet Buddh Dosha Remedies and Nivaran

According to Vedic scriptures and astrology, planet Mercury or Budha Graha is a celestial planet which means cleverness and symbolizes the qualities of intellect, wit and humor in an individual. Mercury is also referred by other names such as Rauhineya, Saumya, Jna, Bodhana, Vit and Hema. It is considered to be an inherent benefic. Budha Graha is related to the Heart Chakra and manages all the affairs related to the heart and consequently the biggest lesson that it teaches us is forgiveness and the act of kindness.

Budha is generally considered to be a benefic planet however under certain circumstances it plays the role of a malefic planet. Those born under the influence of strong Mercury are sharp thinkers; however they have an innate anxiety as well as indecisiveness. Mercury also imparts logic. Those under a strong influence of this planet have excellent reasoning and analytic ability. Researchers are said to have a strong presence of Budha in their horoscope. It is the planet that regulates communication and represents the areas such as trade, banking and commerce, accounts and computers. An exalted Budha ensures success in these fields. Communication is governed by Mercury and hence it rules work related to telephone, telegraphs, couriers etc. Since it governs logic and communication the horoscopes of businessmen, engineers, media personnel, writers, mathematicians, astrologers and traders have a strong Budha influence. An exalted Mercury also makes and individual appealing and insightful.

The two zodiac signs that it governs are Gemini and Virgo. It is a dual natured planet that rules the arms, ear, lungs and nervous system.

Astrological Significance of Mercury

Mercury rules over the voice of a person and represents our mentality, understanding, mental outlook and the manner in which we think and communicate. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and as a fast moving planet represents concepts, information and the methods to achieve them. Budha gives us information based intelligence. It is also known as the divine messenger and governs the communication, writing skills and sense of humor.

As per astrology it rules over your relationship with friends, family and neighbors. It stays in a zodiac sign for 30 days. Mercury is especially beneficial to people born in the following signs: Taurus (Vrishabha), Gemini (Mithuna), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Thula), Capricorn (Makara) and Aquarius (Kumbha).

He is hostile towards Moon, Mars and Jupiter; friendly towards Saturn and Venus and neutral to others. It Mercury is placed alone in any house the native is bound to waste time. His malefics result in the disease of nervous system.

Those with an exalted Budha in their horoscope are adaptive and recreate ideas, mediators, problem solvers and social. The color related to Budha is Green. Its gemstone is Emerald (Panna).

Lessons That Mercury Teaches

Mercury is considered to be the messenger of God as per Astrology as well as mythology and the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. It is said that in contemporary times we meet a person’s Mercury first as it is the planet that represents the everyday expression and communication. Mercury determines if we are ornate in our written and verbal communication; choose the precise word while communicating. This signs determines the person’s style of communication.

Apart from our communication, Mercury rules our Heart or Anahata Chakra. People afflicted with the ill-effects of Mercury will suffer from highs and lows in relationships until they eventually learn the lessons about right communication, thoughts and actions. Exalted Mercury makes us communicative, inquisitive and versatile. The malefic effect of Mercury can make a person tensed or nervous, indecisive and hyper-technical.

Mercury influences what its native strives for. It also controls what field of life intrigues the native and what he/she intellectualizes. It imparts the wish for communication and exchanges of information on the planets it influences. A strong influence of Mercury in a person’s chart instills curiosity and liveliness.

Worship of Mercury and Ruling Gods

The ruling God of planet Budha is Lord Vishnu. Worshipping Him helps remove its malefic effects. Since Vishnu is the guardian of planet Budha, Vishnu mantra can be chanted to remove the Budh Dosh.

Chakra Significance

Budha governs our Anahata Chakra or Heart chakra, the centre of the seven chakras and the region where the physical and the spiritual meet. A person with a balanced Anahata Chakra flows with love and kindness, he/she is quick to forgive and forget, and accept others. It is the chakra that opens us to emotions and gratitude. It is the healing centre and is the integrating and unifying chakra bringing wholeness to a person. A closed Anahata chakra can result in sorrow, resentment, anger and hatred towards others and oneself. Its physical manifestations are fever, asthma, allergies, heart/lung ailments, blood pressure or hypertension.

Mars In Ancient Mythologies

The beautiful Tara, one of Brihaspati’s two wives eloped with Lord Chandra as she was infatuated with his beauty. When Brihaspati confronted Chandra and demanded his wife back, Chandra told Him that Tara was free to go if she wished; however she refused to go back. Brihaspati approached the King of Gods, Indra for help, but the Gods were divided in their opinions and a battle was imminent.

Shukracharya, the Guru of the demons sided with Chandra. Since the battle was for the desire of Tara, it came to be known as Tarakaamayam. Lord Brahma, fearing that the war might put an end to the world, stepped in and ordered Chandra to return Tara (who was then pregnant) to her husband. Brahma cursed Chandra which resulted in the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. Dispute arose once again when Tara’s child was born and both Brihaspati and Chandra claimed it. Tara was quiet on the parenthood of the child even as Chandra claimed Budha to be his son. Budha got irritated over the issue surrounding his parenthood and confronted his mother. Tara named Chandra to be his father. The baby named Budha became a demi-God, the ruler of planet Mercury and the Lord of two zodiacal houses. He is the eternal enemy of Chandra.

According to one version of Vedic scripture Chandra gave the child to his wives Rohini and Krittika where He grew up. With age, Budha started feeling angry and ashamed about his birth. He went to Saravanavana in the Himalayas to mend the sin of his birth by doing Tapas or meditation. Lord Vishnu, pleased with his penance blessed Budha and He learned all about the Vedas and arts. Another version as per Vedic scripture suggests that Budha was raised by Brihaspati as his son.

Day Wednesday
Direction North
Numerological number 5
Significant Chakra Anahata Chakra
Cosmic Color Green and Light Green
Nature Cleverness
Special features Knowledge
Metal Lead
Precious Stone Emerald (Panna)
Vimshottari Mahadasha period 17 years
Benefic Mercury Good Position, Clever, Business Acumen, Mathematician
Malefic Mercury Irritation, Arrogance
Representation Sisters
Body parts ruled Nervous System and Skin
Diseases given by Mercury Skin Problems, Heart problems, Lung problems

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