Planet Rahu, Rahu Dosha Remedies & Nivaran

In Vedic scriptures and astrology, Rahu is considered as a Shadow planet or Chayagraha or a node. It is also called Bhayanaka. It has a unique, overwhelming and predictable impact in an individual’s life. Rahu (as well as Ketu) is not a physical or observable heavenly body like all the other planets that form the Navagrahas. It owns no any zodiac sign. It is an imaginary point in the sky but because of its strong influence on human lives it has been given the status of a planet by the ancient Rishis and sages. The movements of Rahu and Ketu are interrelated and as the parts of a same body they are always opposite to each other. Rahu has a greater significance in influencing an individual’s life.

Rahu stays in a person’s zodiac sign for 18 months and is responsible for a person’s behavior. Rahu leads an individual on a path to spiritual enlightenment by teaching him to overcome worldly desires.

Rahu Kaal is the period in one’s life when he/she is under the malefic influence of Rahu. However, depending on the planet or bhava (the pattern of life such as longevity, money, pleasures etc.) controlling Hhim, Rahu dasha can also become the best time in an individual’s life. This period has a vast potential to get desirable results with dhyana or worship.

Astrological Significance of Rahu

Rahu is the North-node of the Moon, which in Sanskrit means to conceal or hide. This planet relates to a person’s mind and its wandering nature. It is connected to worldly desires or material manifestations of the world and engrossing one’s spirit in materialization. Due to its instinctual and animalistic nature it craves for pleasure but is never satisfied. Rahu is also the karaka or the indicator of worldly desire, high intelligence and recognition. He is also linked to the spiritual process of evolution. This planet represents Vata or an Airy nature.

A benefic Rahu is instrumental in fortifying one’s power and even transforming an enemy into a friend. It is believed that Rahu’s grace can even heal a person bitten by a poisonous snake.

Rahu in a person’s natal chart works well in conjunction with Mercury, Saturn and Venus, the enemy planets of the Sun, Moon and Mars. It has similar traits as that of Saturn. As per Vedic astrology, the alignment of Rahu with Saturn, Mercury and Ketu gives good results as they are considered his friends. Its alignment with Sun, Mars and Venus gives adverse results as they are believed to be his enemies. Jupiter and Chandra are neutral to Rahu.

The color related to Rahu is violet. Its gemstone is honey-colored Hessonite or Gomedh.

Lessons That Rahu Teaches

Rahu is represented as the head of a celestial snake. Rahu is believed to take people off their course of past Dharmic paths and tempt them to thread the path of self-destruction. However Rahu does have a specific reason for its acts. It wants you to feel and taste and thereby learn everything so that you satisfy all your carnal and worldly desires and then turn a new leaf and embark upon the path of self-realization and self-enlightenment. On a physical level Rahu evokes an insatiable desire in you to achieve and conquer. And once you have achieved and conquered, it makes you realize that all your achievements does not bring with it happiness, because all this while you were only chasing an illusion. Following this method of Rahu, there are many cults in India that encourage and preach the satiation of your carnal and worldly desires so that eventually you learn the important lesson that all your desires does not give you true happiness.

Worship of Rahu and Ruling Gods

The ruling deities of Rahu are Lord Shiva/Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga. Devotees who worship these deities and chant their mantras can subdue the malefic of Rahu Dosh and increase the benefics of Rahu.

Chakra Significance

Rahu governs our Sahasrara Chakra or crown chakra, our source of light and Brahmrandhra (door to Brahma). It is the source of creation and reality. Sahasrara Chakra connects your spiritual consciousness to the Supreme Being. An open crown chakra gives you contentment as you feel the presence of divinity and always feel blessed and protected. A blocked Sahasrara Chakra leads you to believe that there is no connection or guidance from a higher power and you feel spiritually unworthy. Many of the traits of Sahasrara Chakra are similar to that of the effect of Rahu.

Rahu In Ancient Mythologies

During the legendary Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean of milk) by Devas and Asuras to release Amrit (divine nectar), Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini, a beautiful dancer to distribute the nectar. But with the intent of preserving the good, Mohini gave the Amrit only to the Devas. The asura Svarbhanu noticing this bias of Mohini went and sat next to the Gods and drank some of the Amrit. Surya Dev and Chandra Dev realized the asura drinking nectar and alerted Mohini, who took the form of Maha Vishnu and severed the head of the demon with his Sudarshan Chakra.

But as he had already drunk the Amrit, the head as well as the body did not perish. The head was taken by his mother Simihika who nursed it patiently, which after some time got the body of a serpent. The head became known as Rahu. The severed body of the demon was taken by a Brahmin Mini who raised it like his own son. Lord Vishnu later blessed the body with the head of a serpent. The body of the demon became known as Ketu. However both the body and the head that is Rahu and Ketu never forgave Surya and Chandra Dev and have their revenge from time to time when they cause eclipses. It is believed that Rahu swallows the Sun causing an eclipse. The Sun then escapes through the opening in the neck to end the eclipse. Ketu swallows the Moon to cause lunar eclipse.

Another story involves Lord Hanuman and the demon king Ravana. It is believed that when Ravana imprisoned the Navgrahas, Hanuman arrived and freed them. All the Grahas thanked Hanuman and said that His devotees would also be blessed by them. Hence the malefic of any planet (including Rahu Dosh) can be removed by praying to Hanuman.

Day Friday
Direction South-West
Numerological number 4
Significant Chakra Sahashara chakra
Cosmic Color Violet
Nature Dirty, Furious and aggressive
Special features Delay and hurdles
Metal Graphite, Lead
Precious Stone Hessonite (Gomedh)
Vimshottari Mahadasha period 18 years
Benefic Rahu Prosperity, wealth, focus, success
Malefic Rahu Violent, ego, laziness and filthiness
Representation Very old people
Body parts ruled Respiratory organs, Lungs
Diseases given by malefic Rahu Brain disorders, Leprosy, depression, migraines

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