Affirmations for Muladhara Chakra

Affirmations for Muladhara Chakra

Affirmations are successions of positive phrases that are repeated over and over again in accordance with a visual concept. A sentence like this may be repeated mentally or, ideally, orally. It is a powerful way to impress the subconscious mind with positive statements with the aim to mold our lives by correcting our beliefs.

Affirmations alter and remold the putty-like material that makes up the mind’s subconscious regions. For years, we have repeated phrases and words, giving them significance in our minds and by listening to ourselves speak. This has aided in the formation of our lives as we know them now, since the subconscious manifests the impressions we put into it. To modify the subconscious pattern and raise its frequency, we must remold its magnetic energies with new thoughts
and concepts. This may be accomplished via the use of affirmations.

Without having a graphic (visual) comprehension, words alone make a weak confirmation. To pick the ideal affirmation for our needs, we must first recognize what we do not desire, and then take efforts to alter it, just as we would distinguish in letting rid of older things in order to obtain new ones.

The technique is the same whether dealing with one’s house and goods, thoughts and notions, self-created inhibitions, or subconscious hurdles and barriers. If someone says, “I can’t,” he can’t. If someone is constantly condemning himself and regretting what he is unable to achieve, he must reverse this pattern and redirect the flow of magnetic mental power towards a positive one, enlivening
its strength by stating orally and experiencing through all the pores of his body, “I can.” I’ll do it. “I am capable of carrying out my plans.”

The subconscious is like a piece of impressionable clay. The conscious mind sends these impressions into the subconscious mind, where they vibrate until they are transformed. When the channels of the subconscious open, the intuitive mind, or the superconscious mind, operates via them. As a result, while impressing the subconscious, we must be extremely cautious not to create a negative barrier.

You can also write down your own affirmations, but these must always be positive and well-phrased. You’ve probably heard friends moan about the same thing over and over again. They were unconsciously creating an affirmation not just for their own subconscious mind, but also for yours. As a result, it behooves us to surround ourselves with positive people, spiritual, life-giving individuals, in order to be and remain positive ourselves.

Going from one force field of the mind to another requires considerable resilience since it entails ripping up long-accustomed patterns and confronting a time of adjustment while new subconscious patterns are being developed.

Thought power is extremely powerful, yet it is only powerful for a limited period of time. The knowing consciousness is awakened by the force of feeling. This produces intense emotions and impressions deep within the psyche. Each
syllable vibrates at a different rate. Feeling is more powerful than visualization. Even though each word of your affirmation may have a specific meaning to you cognitively, the rate of vibration of the word might not impress your mind in the way that you believe it should in order to achieve the desired consequence.

For example, repeat the affirmation, “All my wants will always be met,” and imagine how you would feel if all of your needs were supplied. You should not expect the affirmation to function until you find this emotion linked to it. When you have a need and that need is met, a specific emotion is formed in you. That is the feeling you must experience at the moment you speak the affirmation. That instant, you open a conduit to your own intuition, through which all good flows. One gets inspiration and willpower while they are in this state of mind.

Think, envision, and feel intensely all at the same time, with an inner and all-encompassing awareness what you are affirming. This is how the affirmation technique works. When affirmations are repeated without feeling or visualization, negative outcomes can occur because the vibrations of the words themselves might not register what is meant in the subconscious mind.

Start practicing them as soon as you wake up in the morning for optimum results because your subconscious is most sensitive at this time. It is critical that you set aside time every day for this mental, emotional, and living programming exercise, just as you would for any other spiritual practice like yoga or meditation.

Another effective way to practice affirmations is by writing them down in paper. Indeed, this is considered as the most effective way by experienced practitioners because it involves several physical senses while performing these with utmost concentration. The sense of touch with the hands while writing along the sense of seeing with your eyes what you are writing in combination with other cognitive functions of the brain like focus and visualization brings about great results.

You may also record the affirmations with your voice when in a highly positive mood and then playback them whenever you feel happy and calm throughout the day, aligning this positive mental and emotional state as much as possible with your affirmations.

Listening to affirmations recorded by yourself first thing in the morning with a positive mindset is a valid alternative for those who do not have time to follow
a scheduled daily oral or written technique of practicing them.

  • I release laziness from every cell of my body
  • I release the fear of struggles
  • I release the fear of not having support
  • I release the fear that I have to do everything by myself
  • I release the fear of work
  • I release delaying of work
  • I release the fear of facing critical issues in life
  • I release day-dreaming and fantasizing
  • I release the belief that I am not supposed to be here
  • I release the belief that I can never get ahead
  • I release the belief that I can never get well
  • I release the belief that I should end relationships to avoid being deserted
  • I release the belief that I have lack of bonding with my family
  • I release the belief that I cannot survive
  • I release the belief that I am undeserving
  • I release the belief that I am fat or ugly
  • I release the belief that my body is not right
  • I release the fear of living hand-to-mouth
  • I release the fear of not having enough money
  • I release the belief that others are threatened by my power
  • I release the belief that other people’s power is a threat to me
  • I release the fear that my family is not good enough
  • I release the belief that I am judged by my family
  • I release compromising and sacrificing due to my fear of instability

Remember that anything is possible in life; thus, when practicing affirmations, reject limiting beliefs and have complete conviction in what you are asserting.

Unfold your own affirmations that best work for you based on the above given list, making it an individual practice adapted to what you feel more in need of inner adjustment, as well as highlight those that carries deeper emotional impact when you say, read, write or listen to them. Repeating them is the key to success.

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