Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra

Voice of Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra:
“You are Lucky and Abundant”. “You align to your true nature through gratitude and contentment”.

Known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit, Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is the top Chakra of the main seven Chakras and is a thousand-petalled Lotus at the crown of the head. It is our link to the universe that tunes us to the highest form of consciousness and the Divine. It is our basis of illumination and spiritual connection, to our higher sense. Expression of gratitude and surrender are the life lessons that this Chakra teaches us. It represents Infinite wisdom. The opening of this Chakra points to the realization of pure awareness that leads to divine communion with the world.

  •  Color: Violet
  •  Element: Light
  •  Location: Top of the head
  •  Musical Note: B
  •  Glandular Connection: Pineal gland
  •  Frequency: 963 Hz
  • Objective: Self-Realization, connection to God and spirit, divinity, belief systems, revelation, divine consciousness.

A person with a balanced Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is graced with an ever expanding self-realization, self-awareness and self-reflection that empower them to stand out in the crowd as they are freed from the shackles of desire. When this Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra is blocked it results in harmful and unhelpful thoughts that originate from the lack of direction and the resentment that the divine powers have abandoned you.

The seventh chakra is critical to the chakra energy system. The chakra, which surrounds the crown of your head, represents universal consciousness. It has an impact on brain functions such as intelligence, focus, and memory. People often experience spiritual growth, infinite wisdom, and higher consciousness when their crown chakras open. People gain a sense of unity, power, and self-knowledge by strengthening their connection to their spirit or soul.

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If you have lost faith in God due to the things that have not happened to you or if you feel disconnected from Ishvara Tattva (the pure light), you will experience limitations and unexplainable restlessness and suffering. You feel something is incomplete, directionless, and unaligned with why are you here. This state is beginning of an imbalance/blockage in the Crown Chakra. Which deteriorates further if you have not been able to forget and forgive the past and unable to understand the importance and value of the only reality – the present moment. This state of negativity and depressive state takes you away from hope, optimism, leads to severe discontentment and causes delusions and related fears.

A tendency to always look life on the negative side, feel hopeless and discontented also blocks this chakra as you cut yourselves off from the source.

Situations with extreme shock where you are unable to come to terms with reality like the death of a close one blocks this chakra.

When a person is controlled by another and forced to live and behave as per his needs, desires and expectations, his chakra is blocked. Withheld information, education that discourages curiosity, invalidation of your beliefs, forced religiosity, superstitions, and blind obedience all contribute to a blocked crown chakra.

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When the Sahasrara chakra activates, it improves one’s outlook on life. When Sahasrara chakra is balanced, you have great intuitive knowledge and are selflessly devoted to the well-being of others because you see others as a part of you rather than as something separate from you. You are aware of your spiritual self, and as a person, you are grounded and self-sufficient. Our habits and attitudes have changed dramatically. The ego no longer has control over the Self. Gratitude, compassion, and acceptance are examples of emotions that manifest as our true Self. A healthy Crown Chakra promotes spiritual understanding, peace, and mental clarity.

People with enlightened wisdom and spiritual power have a better understanding of the physical world around them. This can help one maintain a positive outlook on life and overcome obstacles in their daily lives.

If the Root Chakra exists to remind us of our earthly roots, the Crown Chakra exists to remind us to reach for what we cannot describe. The things we just know in our hearts are true. This energy is used in the worship of a deity for some, and the cycle of nature and planets for others.

When your Sahasrara is in balance, you will have an abundance of intuitive knowledge and be extremely wise. You will be aware of your spiritual self and unselfishly decided to devote to the well-being of the others as you see them as a part of you, not as separate from you.

An overactive Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra often manifests as a disconnection with the body, as too much energy is spinning erratically in the top chakra beyond the physical body, leading to a dissociation with the reality of the physical world and a blurred understanding of material things, which causes you to be unsure about yourself and who you are. This translates into a state of being driven by illusions and ungrounded ideas as well as intellectualizing too much. This translates into economic problems as there is a lack of financial responsibility as result of an inability to manage the financial world.

An underactive Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra makes it difficult for the person to take in and retain new information, learning disabilities at different levels are common. Spiritual skepticism and limiting beliefs, closed to new ways of thinking and often feeling hopeless and discontented are often found signals. These happens due to unconscious patterns that repeat again and again ruling over the person, without them being transformed by the conscious awareness of the Sahasrara chakra.

The blockage of the seventh chakra can manifest in the brain, hair, central nervous system, pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands. Instability can express as headaches, migraines, neurological conditions, nerve pain, skin disorders and hair loss. Brain tumors, amnesia, Alzheimer’s, cognitive function issues, and epilepsy are serious physical issues associated with the crown chakra.

Gratitude is a positive affirmation where we focus on what we have and feel grateful for its presence in our life.  This is not to say that life is perfect; it does not dismiss complaints, burdens, and inconveniences. But it shifts the focus from lack, negativity, fear and pessimism to feeling happy about the benefits and gifts that are present. This, in turn, allows us to reap more benefits from these. So we can say that gratitude helps us see the completeness in everything and find some measure of kindness in our lives. Gratitude also entails determining where that goodness comes from. We realize that the source of this goodness is not entirely within ourselves. We acknowledge others and even the higher powers who assisted us in achieving this goodness in our lives.

Contentment prepares the way for an individual’s Crown chakra to open. This communicates to the Universe that you are now prepared to live the life of a Creator rather than a dependent. As a dependent on Mother Earth, you earn only enough to meet your basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and daily living. Just as an individual begins a career after completing his education and thus stops relying on his parents, contentment sends a message to mother earth that “Now I am ready to Create on my own.” Contentment connects a person to the Creator within and opens the door to enormous wealth in his life.

Specific Rudraksha and gemstones when worn as per RRST give the required frequency and color to the Sahasrara Chakra to balance it. Once the chakra is balanced, physical and emotional symptoms disappear and the wearer is empowered to find his life purpose and face life with renewed energy and vigor.

Primary Purpose: It establishes a connection to the divine. Sahasrara is pivotal in establishing a link between our physical and spiritual beings. When we feel connected, possibilities are endless, inspiration flows and true purpose is realized.

When your Sahasrara Chakra is closed: You feel no connection or guidance from a higher power, feel unworthy of spiritual help and are angry that your higher power has abandoned you. You suffer from migraines and tension headaches.

When your Sahasrara Chakra is opened: You feel connected to a higher power and sense that you are being watched over and cared for. You know you deserve immense blessings and feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation towards self and others.

Sahasrara Chakra is Blocked by: Severe discontentment towards life

Sahasrara Chakra is Unlocked when: You express contentment and gratitude

Emotions: Happiness, Spirituality

Associations: Wealth and Contentment

Physical Symptoms: Depression, Migraine, Skin problems, Alienation, Mental Illness, Neuralgia, Confusion, Senility, Veins, Blood Vessels, Lymphatic System, Bacteria, Warts, Skin Rashes, Eczema

Psychological Functions: Knowingness, Wisdom, Inspiration, Charisma, Awareness, Higher Self, Meditation, Self Sacrificing, Visionary

Emotional Symptoms: Depression, anger, loneliness and lack of focus

Endocrine Glands: Pineal

Associated Body Parts: Upper brain, Cerebral Cortex, Cerebrum, Pituitary, Pineal, Central Nervous System, Top of Head.

Chakra Balancing: Connect with your inner self through mediation, yoga or contemplation. Channel your dreams and use your imagination.

Aroma for Chakra Balancing: Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Rose

Chakra Balancing Foods: Cleanse or eat detoxifying foods.

Seed Mantra: Chant “OM” silently or loudly and start to feel your mindset open in a few minutes.

Gemstones:  Crystal, Opal, Amethyst, Selenite and Sugilite

  • Put your hands near your stomach.
  • Let the ring fingers point up, touching at their top.
  • Cross the rest of your fingers, with the left thumb underneath the right.

Concentrate on the Crown chakra at the top of your head. Chant the sound “OM”.

Facing a fear in meditation, brings it into the light of awareness and releases it. So in this technique, a person enters into meditation through use of a meditation music and then brings up the fears to surface and then releases them. You can meditate on one limiting belief at a time for 40 minutes or say the limiting beliefs that apply to you daily for 40 days.

  • I release my lack of faith
  • I release my lack of connection with my inner being
  • I release deep stress
  • I release spiritual confusion
  • I release the feeling that I don’t trust God
  • I release the belief that I have to give up money to be true to my spiritual path
  • I release the feeling that I am cut-off from inner guidance
  • I release lack of trust
  • I release lack of devotion
  • I release negative thoughts.
  • I release hopelessness.
  • I release discontentment.
  • I release deep inner sadness
  • I release the feeling of loss of balance and harmony
  • I release feeling of disharmony
  • I release low self-esteem
  • I release the belief that I am unprotected
  • I release the feeling that God has abandoned me
  • I release my anger with God
  • I release the feeling that I am unworthy of spiritual help
  • I release the fear that the world is too painful to endure
  • I release the belief that money is a lower chakra experience
  • I release the belief that it is not spiritual to have a lot of money
  • I release the belief that it is not okay to profit from your spiritual gifts
  • I release the belief that money is evil

Thank you God,

I am connected to my higher self / I am important to God / I am listening to my true self / I am receiving inspiration / I am seeing my true self / I am hearing my inner voice / I am extremely positive with myself /I am free of outside influences / I am able to reach my higher potential / I am deserving / I am speaking my highest truth.

Letting it in, opening the crown chakra…

I am perfect just as God created me / I am seeing the higher self of others / I am good enough to be me / I am comfortable here in my body / I am my spiritual truth / I am trusting myself / I am myself around my family / I am accepted in my truth / I am experiencing God there for me / I am important to God / I am acting on my truth…

Thank you God,

I am worth it / I am connected with the higher purpose of money / I am attracting money through my higher chakra’s / I am in integrity when I profit from my gifts / I am living my purpose and thriving / I am using my wealth to make a difference / I am guided by spirit in my affluence / I exist / I have a life / I have a future / I am deserving / I am intuition / I am being / I am safe to change / I am received by others / my truth is heard / I am comfortable voicing my truth / I am attracting others that respect my light / I am led by God / I am one with the Universe / I am here to make a difference / I am letting my light shine.

Specific Rudraksha and gemstones when worn as per RRST give the required frequency and colour to the Crown chakra and balance it. Once the chakra is balanced, physical and emotional symptoms disappear and the wearer is empowered to face life with gratitude, contentment and luck.

Balanced Chakras allow the Universal energy or the prana to flow freely through the body from one energy centre to another. Not only does this promotes optimal physical health, but it also allows reconnection with consciousness and fosters a state of spiritual awakening. There are multiple healing methods that one can adopt to balance your chakras. You can browse through the below links to find out more about those methods.

You can browse through the below links to find out more about how to balance Sahasrara chakra:

Color Therapy
Crystal Healing
Sound Therapy
Yoga Asanas

Of all the methods to balance the Chakras, usage of appropriate combination of Rudraksha beads and Gemstones is the most efficient and potent.

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