Deities connected to Sahasrara Chakra

Deities connected to Sahasrara Chakra

The Chakra system symbolizes the vital energy of the physical body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. Positive attributes associated with the Chakras, such as love, intuition, and bravery, are also associated with Hindu deities. By studying about the many deities connected with the Chakras (swirling energy vortexes) you may learn how to foster and sharp their beneficial qualities in your life, bringing you one step closer to the divine.

These spinning energy centers have been compared to the pole that must be climbed. It’s a slippery pole. As a result, the gods’ assisting hand and their resonating energies with these chakras aid in the ascension of the devotee. Since ancient periods in human history, total submission to the Gods has been raising their connected chakras.

Lotus flowers represent these chakras with different pretty patterns. This flower thrives in lakes and pools, taking root under the surface in the slimy muck where no light can enter. Its stem shoots upward toward the light, breaking the surface into fresh air and sunlight. The sun’s energy then nourishes the bud and leaves until the beautiful lotus flower blooms. Sahasrara is the name given to the seventh chakra. Awareness grows from the lower chakras as ascending kundalini energy and travels through the waters of the intellect, becoming more refined as it evolves, until it finally bursts into the light of the superconscious mind, where it spiritually blossoms into the 1,008-petaled lotus chakra at the top of the head.

The lotus flower begins in the dirt, flows through the water, and ultimately blooms on the surface. There are many unique phases that it goes through while in the mud: The dirt symbolizes the instinctual mind, the water represents the intellectual mind, and the surface represents the superconscious mind, which blossoms to become one with God.

Therefore, connecting with the deity associated with each chakra makes to open and balance this chakra as per bhakti or resonance between both energies. The more the connection is established the deeper the healing of the corresponding energy center. This happens because these energies entwined in each chakra are the same energies brought by each deity connected to them. The resonating deity of Sahasrara chakra is Lord Shiva. By sharping our connection with Mahadev our whirling energy vortexes known as our chakras leads us to a spiraling union not only with these deities but ultimately also with the supreme and only one Brahman which represents all forms of god.

To contact your Chakra god, focus on the deity’s picture and attempt to see it in your thoughts. This is best accomplished by gradually building up the picture, and adding details as you focus on it. Here is a simple meditation to assist you in developing a connection with your god or goddess:

  • To begin, imagine the deity or goddess as a dignified sitting figure.
  • Examine the number of arms and faces that they have attributed.
  • Begin to visualize the skin color and jewelry and other details appearing on the god’s portrayal gradually.
  • Consider the garments that the god is wearing.
  • See whether they have any type of things in their hands since they generally imply god attributes to meditate upon too.
  • Allow your thoughts to concentrate on it and observe what comes to you.

Each Chakra is filled with the male god’s vitality as well as the energy of their female pair or consort, a power known as Shakti.

Lord Shiva is the summum bonum of all creation and pervades the whole world. He is also known as Mahadev, Mahesha, Maheshvara (God of the Gods), and Paramesvara (“Supreme Lord”). He is the essence of life, and he may be found deep inside every living being. We are all propelled by an unknown and unexplainable force. It has yet to be named by scientists. However, ancient saints called this unknown energy Shiva. He is the power that is thought to give all living things life. We can breathe, eat, move, and go about our everyday lives because of Shiva. This liveliness not only powers living beings, but it may also be found in non-living substances. Hence, Shiva drives the universe forward. We seek refuge in Shiva because Shiva is our true nature. Serenity, infinity, beauty, and non-duality come from this source.

Our soul and Lord Shiva are inextricably linked. Both are identical. That’s exactly what we’re made of. When our Sahasrara chakra is spinning and spreading divine energy in an unobstructed way, we uncover these larger traits inside ourselves. It should be noted that our connection with this higher dimension, which is also our inner source, is never completely lost because we would not be able to continue living without it, which means our Sahasrara chakra is always operating to some extent, but when it is optimally balanced, we are driven to our spiritual peak and realize we are one with Shiva, the all-pervading force that penetrates the entire universe and is present in all living things.

As a consequence, Shiva is not what we think God to be based on our previous beliefs or expectations; Shiva symbolizes the Supreme Reality as it is, regardless of any particular religion, philosophy, book, idea, institution, or ideology. Whatever we assume or believe, there is no formula or framework that can encompass the Shiva reality since there is no bucket in which He can be put. He overflows the universe on all sides, both internally and externally. He is the ultimate unity’s force, greater than the sum of its parts, and He wields all dualities’ combined strength at the same time.

The word Shiva also means “liberation, final emancipation,” and “the auspicious one,” according to the Rig Veda (c. 1700–1100 BCE). The Sanskrit word “Siva” denotes “auspicious, propitious, cordial, benign, kind, benevolent, friendly” according to Monier Monier-Williams. In folk etymology, Si means “in whom all things lie, pervasiveness” and va means “embodiment of grace”, thus Siva.    

The Kaivalya Upanishad (1st millennium BCE) declares:

“He who sees himself in all beings,
And all beings in him,
attains the highest Brahman,
not by any other means.”

Lord Shiva is in very deep association and resonance with the qualities of our Crown chakra. Total surrender to Him is one of the ways to assist us in enhancing the function of our Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra, which merges our little and separated ‘I’ into the higher, unlimited and universal consciousness. The qualities and attributes of Lord Shiva are the same as the ones of our Sahasrara chakra, always resonating at the same vibrational frequency.

Healing our Crown chakra with the helping hands of the gods may actually be done in plentiful ways. Starting from meditation to contemplation of the deity’s pictures, through their mantras, yantras and wearing Rudraksha beads ruled by them are all proven effective ways to balance Sahasrara so that it works productively for you.

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