Aromatherapy to Balance Sahasrara Chakra

Aromatherapy to Balance Sahasrara Chakra

Everything in this universe exudes vibrational energy. The millions of molecules that are present in your physical body to the stars scattered in the galaxy have energy. Subtle aromatherapy makes use of vibrational, energetic traits of essential oils to affect your psyche and spiritual wellbeing, which helps us to self-heal. 

The vibrations of the body can go out of sync when we experience physical or emotional stress, and so energic healing can be an aid in reinstating the body to a strong and robust state – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One of the most potent approaches to leverage and direct energy for healing is to comprehend and work with the seven energy core centers within our body – chakras. 

Identifying how energy emerges within the body helps us to concentrate our energy healing where it is required the most, and we can do this by choosing essential oils and crystals that have a vibrational match to the chakra that is unbalanced. When the chakras are blocked, we experience emotional distress, and it can impact our physiological state as well. Even spiritually, we feel a disconnect and are generally unhappy with ourselves and bitter towards the world.

Aromatherapy can aid in rebalancing the chakras and reinstate our prana (life force) to its most energic and resonant avatar by soothing overactive chakras or strengthening underactive chakras. Every chakra has a vital role to play, and so neglecting one to give preference to another can result in an imbalance. 

Once you have recognized the chakra you need to heal and balance, you can utilize aromatherapy to balance that energy. Every essential oil comes with its own vibrational frequency, and this resonance can adapt to one of the frequencies of the chakras. Nevertheless, life is usually filled with ups and downs, which is why we should make use of subtle aromatherapy to offset the pandemonium of the world around us.

The crown chakra is referred to as the Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit, which suggests ‘thousandfold.’ It is believed to be one of the highest vibrational centers in the subtle body, thereby combining divine consciousness with our actual nature. The seventh chakra is deemed to be about fulfillment, enlightenment, and divine self. With aromatherapy through essential oils, you can witness the divine within as well as without. 

Breathe in the essential oil to fill yourself with peace and good judgment. Apply a small drop to the crown of your head to stimulate the seventh chakra and link yourself with your higher purpose. Make use of it while meditating, to augment the impact of meditation. When taking a bath, use a couple of drops of the essential oils to clear your aura and cleanse out the leftovers of sorrow or bitterness. Essential oils such as cedarwood, elemi, frankincense, galbanum, and many others aid in balancing the Sahasrara chakra. 

When using essential oils, take some time out to listen to yourself, hold your space, and allow your intuition to steer you in the right direction. This is extremely significant when you’re under energetic therapy. You can use the oils every day for a week – or try a week of varied methods – and decide which ones suit you the most. You could also use an array of different oils in various blends and observe the ones that have the most impact on you.

The essential oils used in balancing and healing the crown chakra helps in liberating the spirit and forming a connection to the divine. Some of the most significant essential oils that can aid in opening the Sahasrara Chakra are:


Believed to be a sacred oil, Frankincense is utilized for meditative contemplation, for attaining serenity and calmness, and for achieving spiritual freedom. The spiritual and psychological advantages of Frankincense are well-known in various cultures and traditions. On a physical level, Frankincense oil can assist with conditions affecting the nervous system. The essential oil can also aid in oxygenating the pineal and pituitary glands. 


Similar to Frankincense, Sandalwood is the perfect aid to mediation, prayer, and spiritual contemplation. It helps in soothing the mental chatter that occurs in the mind, thereby letting the ego/identity/person continue staying in the background and allowing spaciousness to emerge in the foreground. It is in this openness, where an individual might find clarity of thought, the liberation of spirit and soul to arise. It is during this time where a person might experience profound unshakeable peace, timelessness, and limitlessness. 


While it is universal for all seven chakras, lavender works very well for Sahasrara chakra as well. As an essential oil for the crown chakra, it helps in facilitating calmness and peace to emerge during mediation or sleep. It enables an individual to connect with the divine and with their spirit. It works to soothe potent emotions, discharge pent-up energy, and let the life force run through the body. 


Believed to be exceedingly high in Sesquiterpenes that helps in increasing oxygenation around the pituitary and pineal glands, Cedarwood oil will facilitate an individual to have more strength and stamina on the spiritual path. On a physical level, this essential oil is utilized as a general tonic for the body. Thanks to its soft, woody, and warm fragrance, Cedarwood has soothing properties and is utilized in yoga practice for centering and grounding. 


The lotus flowers are regarded as holy in numerous ancient cultures and spiritual traditions. In ancient Egypt, the white lotus was believed to be utilized in recipes for every spiritual as well as emotional ailment. The crown chakra refers to as Sahasrara in Sanskrit, which means ‘a thousand petals’, and its symbol is said to be a thousand petal lotus flower. 

Here are a couple of tips that can help in balancing Sahasrara Chakra with aromatherapy. 

  1. Use palo santo essential oil at the top of your head to experience awakened perception and increased spiritual connection.
  2. For optimal results, use a roll-on to apply the blends of essential oils directly onto your skin or combine oils with water in a diffuser for inhalation. 
  3. Make sure to never apply essential oils directly to the skin without tempering it first with a carrier oil. 
  4. Specific essential oils may lead to skin irritation, and a couple is not appropriate for pregnant women, little children, or babies. Conduct thorough research and be aware of the pros and cons of each oil you will be using. 

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