Planets linked to Sahasrara

Planets linked to Sahasrara

According to historical astrological tradition, the classical seven chakras of the human body have been related to the seven classic planets for millennia, and according to Vedic astrology, the nine planets have a connection with the major eight chakras. Even more planets are linked to the chakras in modern Western astrology, including those discovered in contemporary history. As a result, there is a long legacy of connection between the planets and the chakras in all astrological systems and traditions across the world.

Planets in a birth chart represent the baby’s potential qualities and energies, and our chakra system is made up of many latent qualities and energy centers that have been linked to planets since antiquity. Since ancient times, the planets visible to the naked eye in our solar system have been regarded as gods, ruling over human affairs ranging from medicine to politics and all aspects of people’s lives. It is not surprising then that they are linked to various body systems. In Western astrology, they are linked to various organs and functions of the body, and in Vedic astrology, they are similarly linked to our chakras.

This long-held link is now explained by modern science so that we are made up of the same elements as the planets. They are no distant objects in the sky with no connection to human life, but as astrological research has revealed, they are indicators of inner motivations and energies and their dynamics in our lives, qualities, and attributes, just in the same way our dynamic energy vortexes (chakras) work in our bodies too. Therefore, rather than a link between planets and chakras, we can refer to it as a similarity in principles, energies, and patterns.

Planetary remedies have long been used by Vedic astrology to help balance our chakras because each dynamism both above and below (sky and earth) are intrinsically connected and show up in our birth chart. Religious rituals are performed in Hinduism to appease these dynamic forces or energies, which are linked to gods and goddesses ruled by these planets so that they can be integrated into our lives in congruence. Similarly, in Western astrology, the mythology of the gods and goddesses associated with the planets is linked to depict the significance and attributes of each planet and their respective energies.

For the first time in recorded history, scientific astrological research in the last century (Gauquelin et al.) demonstrates the validity of astrological pointers in sketching the personal traits of a person. Similarly, it has long been established that the balance or imbalance of our chakras derives from various traits and outcomes in the lives of individuals. In both cases, there is solid enough scientific background to work with both components (chakras and planets) in combination.

Having said that, there are several methods for balancing our energy vortexes (chakras) by paying attention to the corresponding energy patterns (planets). The western astrologer will analyze the condition of the planet associated with the chakra in the birth chart to determine how to balance its natural energies in such a way that the related chakra energy is restored. By analyzing the chakras and their ruling planet, one may determine the source of one’s life’s highs and lows.

On the other hand, the Vedic astrologer will prescribe religious remedies such as planetary pujas to the different Hindu deities associated with each planet in order to appease these energies and, in the same way, bring these forces into harmony so that they can be favorable for the native rather than a hurdle on the path with the clearance of any chakra imbalance related to the associated planet and deity.

The analysis of the natal chart to determine how these planets are placed and combined is common in both systems (vedic and western) so that any imbalance in the chart can be corrected accordingly using the methods described above. Being aware of the nature and qualities of the planets associated with the chakras, as well as cultivating these qualities in ourselves in their positive manifestation, helps to bring our chakras into balance. For this, we must first look which planets are linked with their related chakras and what their symbolism involves.

The position of Uranus in the birth chart indicates how, when and where the individual is most likely to receive sudden divine sparks of insight, and how they will channel these into their lives. The symbol of Uranus itself has the traditional form of an anthem (for receptive signal) and the planet is associated with all sorts of unexpected thunderbolts or flashes of lightening. It is through our Sahasrara chakra that we receive higher information which strikes us instantaneously without even seeking for it. This chakra is the bridge between us and the universe. Both, Sahasrara and Uranus are interrelated with enlightenment in all its forms.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, which is the planet of communication and early learning. Uranus is higher processing and understanding of what we have learnt, and Sahasrara element is higher thought. All our higher realizations are possible through the unfolding of uranian energy and through our Crown chakra at the top of the head. It is by the position of our natal Uranus that we can infer brand new  breaking ideas and inventiveness along with clearer thinking patterns. Uranus is the planet of change, and its energy enables us to make our own decisions without being influenced by others or external influences of any sort. Uranus connects us with the Higher Self or God thus we are guided among all kind of situations life could throw at us. We no longer feel isolated.

Many of the things we do or achieve in life are usually the result of a new idea that appears to come from somewhere “above” in our minds. It begins to take denser shape in the lower chakras after we see it clearly in Ajna chakra and process it through Vishuddha, but it all began with an idea. Sahasrara chakra is never inactive; it is always active, guiding us consciously or unconsciously through our lives from the moment we are born until the moment we die (and hereafter).

A favorable Uranus placement in the birth chart results in gifted individuals from a young age. Children born with innate talents who display them from an early age are examples of such cases. The planets in the chart that are in aspect with Uranus, as well as the house in which the planet is placed, reflect these unique gifts. It is a planet that brings a lot of contentment regardless of external worldly circumstances when it is well aspected in the chart. Similarly, successful people in all walks of life have a balanced Sahasrara chakra. They are connected to a power greater than themselves. Uranus lifts us to fine tune with this higher power.

Lord Shiva, Mahadeva, rules over the Sahasrara chakra. Since time immemorial, the god of the gods has been depicted with a completely uranian personality. As an example, consider an ascetic, independent, and isolated person who breaks all societal rules but is intolerant of all forms of injustice and human suffering. The unconventional husband, odd-looking, innocent like a child, and rebel by nature, quick and bold acting like a thunderbolt, kind-hearted, lover of freedom and unity, Uranus is traditionally associated with all of these characteristics.

Neptune urges us to transcend ordinary reality, to lift ourselves up and get in touch with something more wondrous. The true mystic lives in the world and of the world and isn’t simply trying to avoid the bits they don’t like. A person of a truly mystical bent isn’t trying to escape from discomfort but, perhaps having cultivated a more sensitive perception, is able to grasp beyond what is immediate and material, is able to glimpse a Divine hand at work, or sense the bigger picture.

Under neptunian waves the person is able, as William Blake expressed it, ‘to see the world in a grain of sand’. The problem can be in deciding whether someone does have that greater sensitivity or whether they have merely deluded themselves into thinking that this is the case. As always, Neptune is the planet to associate with delusions of all kinds. This is because everything under its waves becomes One beyond any form or shape it may take, merging with the whole.

One way to get a feel for Neptune is to remember what it’s like to be high on alcohol, opium, or other mind-altering drugs or substances. We drink or take these for a variety of reasons but one of the effects of drinking these is that after a drink or two (or five or seven), nothing much matters any more, the work-related stress of the morning disappears in the drugs haze of the evening.

Neptune function is dissolution. It dissolves everything it touches into a bigger realm, just like the river dissolves into the sea. Lord Shiva’s weapon, the trident, is the same symbol of the planet Neptune and the Greek gods of the seas where only dissolution into oneness exists. The planet is boundless, unfathomable, and its vastness is usually under-estimated. Neptune works by undermining and dissolving what it touches, taking away any sense of definition or separation. Imagine drawing a line in a piece of paper with a soft pencil or charcoal; the effect of Neptune is like that of a soggy finger rubbing over the line, it will eventually become indistinct and hazy.

In a world where there is no separation between self and not-self, one becomes naturally a compassionate being for there are no boundaries to prevent us from empathizing with the suffering of others. We don’t need to put ourselves in another’s shoes for we are already wearing them. The house where Neptune is found in a chart and the house it rules (the one with Pisces on the cusp) show an area of particular compassion and openness to mystic experiences of unity and universal love.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, the planet of material love. This creates an elevated state of consciousness that revolves around higher Love, kindness, compassion, and spirituality which reach a wider bandwidth of connection with self, the others, the world and the whole.

As we have seen a healthy chakra functioning in a balanced way indicates we have our planetary energies working productively for our development, and vice versa: an unfavorable positioned Uranus or Neptune leads to an imbalanced Sahasrara.

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