Sounds Associated with Sahasrara Chakra

Sounds Associated with Sahasrara Chakra

Chants and musical prayers have been a part of spiritual practices since ancient times. By adding music to the chants, we can enjoy the energies of music as well as consciously engage in the chanting process.

Certain melodies have the ability to impact our emotional and physical health. They also correspond to our chakras by having energies that match. By using certain sounds and frequencies, we can help open and balance our chakras.

Sound healing uses a mix of aspects for chakras. A certain mantra is combined with a frequency to resonate with the chakras’ energy. This can help open and balance the chakra as well as enhance the energy flow there.

Every chakra has a Beej mantra, or seed sound, attached to it. These mantras resonate with the frequency of the chakra energy. To use Beej mantras for healing, find a quiet meditative place where you can completely relax.

  • Take a deep breath and as you exhale chant the mantra. Feel the vibrations of the mantra sound permeates your body and chakra with energy. Here, it is important to use your natural tone and not try to be too loud or soft as it may cause discomfort and distract your mind from focusing on the energy of the sound.
  • Keep your breathing relaxed. As you chant, let the sound flow gradually. Keep your focus on the energy flow at the chakra region as you continue to chant the mantra. You can either choose to chant to one chakra at a time or multiple chakras.
  • Be sure to chant in order either top to bottom or bottom to top to ensure smooth energy flow.

The Beej mantra for Sahasrara chakra is OM. Chant this mantra when you are completely relaxed and feel the sound roll out gradually. You can visualize your chakra glow brightly or feel the energy concentrated at the chakra center.

Stay mindful of the region just above your head and feel the vibrations of the sound strengthen the energy at this location.

Everything in the world comprises of energy and vibrates at a specific resonance known as resounding recurrence. For every chakra in the body, there is a corresponding color, sound, or image that matches its energy. When these elements are in balance, the chakra is open and balanced, and energy flows uninterrupted.

Over time, blockages or imbalances may occur in these chakras. They may be due to negative beliefs, life experiences, or environmental stressors. By using the fundamental frequency of the chakra through different elements, we can help bring them back in balance.

The frequency at which chakras are in their most balanced position is called the fundamental frequency.

Binaural beats are the process of listening to different sound frequencies in each ear simultaneously. As the two sounds get processed by the brain, it also identifies the difference between the two frequencies and tunes into the energy.

Using binaural beats, we can create five different brainwave states which include:

Delta – This is related to anti-aging, deep sleep, pain relief, and healing.

Theta – This is relating to deep relaxation and sleep, meditation, and creativity.

Alpha – This is associated with enhanced learning abilities, stress relief, and positive thinking.

Beta – This is relating to enhanced cognitive function, memory recall, and improved focus.

Gamma – This offers high level of mental activity and awareness, enhanced state of creativity and an ability to think differently. 

Binaural beats can help promote better energy flow and thus balance and heal the chakras.

Sound healing is an ancient practice which uses different frequencies found in the universe to help balance and heal the chakras. Using the energy of sound through positive statements, phrases, chants, and musical frequencies can help create positive change in the mindset which in turn affects our thoughts and behaviors.

The element of the Sahasrara chakra is nothing as it transcends the physical aspect into pure spirituality and the Beej mantra is OM. The melodic note B is related to this chakra along with the vowel ‘e’.

One great way of awakening this chakra is through the use of the Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz and binaural beats with the frequency 486 Hz. This frequency helps foster a connection with universal wisdom and our higher power while also balancing the energy of the Sahasrara chakra.

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