Affirmations for Vishuddha Chakra

Affirmations for Vishuddha Chakra

What we think and speak has an impact on our physical health. This is why being positive has been an important aspect of our ancient cultures. Affirmations are encouraging statements that are recited intentionally to create positive change in the body and mind.
By combining a visual image or feeling to these emotions, internal change occurs which then begins to manifest externally.  

For instance, there may have been a traumatic incident that occurred which changed your belief system. This may lead to negative thoughts and feelings of depression. As these thoughts stay in the subconscious mind, we may not always be conscious of them. Affirmations can help break these patterns of thought and replace them with positive thoughts.

The subconscious mind governs the majority of our thoughts and actions. If there are negative patterns of thought here, they may have a bigger impact on our life than we realize.

Change is often difficult if your try to do so consciously without making changes in subconscious. The subconscious mind is known to resist and is unlikely to lead to any change. This can further lead to feelings of failure or inability to do something creating a vicious cycle.

To get the most out of affirmations, it is important to use phrases that connect with you while also combining them with emotions or visual images. Using just one of these may not impact your subconscious enough to create change.

The vibrations of these statements and images are at a higher frequency and match those of Universal energy flowing through our chakras. In some cases, where negative thoughts have been dominant for a long time, change may take some time. It is important to stick with the practice daily and not be disheartened. 

Only when we identify what needs to be changed can we start doing so effectively. When we pay attention, we may realize we have a lot more negative thoughts and beliefs about our life than we ever realized.

Next, identify what is the change you would like to bring. As yourself how it would look or feel like. Next, create a positive statement that best reflects this change while also seeming authentic to you. Repeat these statements to yourself while holding on to the feeling and visual you had imagined.

The best time to practice affirmations is early in the morning when you wake up or just before sleeping time. This is because the subconscious mind is most receptive to change at these times and will put up lesser resistance.

You can also choose to write down your affirmations in the journal or listen to them on a tape. They can also be recited during meditation when your mind is completely calm and focused for better impact.

You can choose to release your fears by affirming or mediating on each fear for 30 minutes everyday

  • I release the fear of not speaking up
  • I release the belief that I am unheard
  • I release the fear of speaking honestly
  • I release belief that I have no power or authority
  • I release fear of conflicts
  • I release the fear of saying NO
  • I release all rage and anger caught in the throat
  • I release all shame and guilt
  • I release unexpressed feelings
  • I release intense frustration
  • I release the feeling that I cannot speak my word
  • I release the feeling of holding back
  • I release giving my power away to avoid conflict
  • I release the belief that it is pointless to speak

You can also affirm what you would like to achieve by repeating the affirmations every day.

  • I express my creativity with love and joy
  • I speak with truth and conviction
  • I love to share my experiences and truth
  • It is safe for me to speak and listen to others
  • I express love and joy when I speak
  • I am open to listening to others
  • I speak with clarity and compassion
  • I am speaking my truth and I am supported by others
  • I am allowing others to speak their truths
  • I have the power of choice
  • I make wise choices and decisions
  • I am open to hearing
  • I am my spiritual self
  • I am creating speech that reflects my loving thoughts
  • I am openly expressing myself
  • I am always saying the right thing at the right time
  • I am vocalizing my feelings
  • I am safe expressing my inner emotions
  • I am able to swallow my reality
  • I understand what’s going on
  • I am choosing my words with discernment

When starting your affirmations practice, don’t force any emotion, instead let it flow naturally. Be patient with yourself if you find yourself thinking negatively. Keep trying and practicing your affirmations and it will soon get easier.

You can choose statements from the list given above, modify them, or create your own. Be sure to choose the phrases that work best for you and which you feel drawn to. This will help resonate better internally and promote deeper change.

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