Colors for Muladhara Chakra

Colors for Muladhara Chakra

The primary eight chakras are found from the base of the human spine to the top of the skull. They are energy wheels that flow through the body. They are a vital source of unseen energy in our bodies. Every day, the chakras keep us energetic, alive, and bright. Therefore, there is an array of 8 chakra colors connected with these whirling vortexes.

Each chakra color holds a unique vibrational frequency that you may tap into, work with, and use to aid to intensify the chakra’s associated energy. As a result, since color is also vibration, you will be impacting the chakra centers of your body that vibrate at the same frequency as their colors does.

Chakra colors carry the same vibrational frequencies of light and energy linked with each energy center (chakra) hence they tune up the function of the chakras they come in contact with.

The colors of someone’s energy field is most likely related to the activity of one or more chakras combined. When observing the whole auric field of a person, the observed hues and colors represent the activity of these energy centers and their frequency of vibration.

The electromagnetic field encircling the body might be seen as the aura. Its colors represent the energy spinning through the chakras and may be linked to the status of different physical processes, emotions, and other psycho-spiritual factors, thus showing that by using different colors these processes and energies can be healed and balanced.

Even though certain colors often depict the chakras, they may emerge in the auric field with varied tints and tones depending on the context and the person. As they represent energy centers in the human body, a diverse pallet of colors is used.

Sunlight plays a vital role in color healing therapy for the chakras. This is because we can only perceive colors through the light that passes across them, defining the hues our eyes can see and hence choosing the right colors. Also, the energies carried by the colors are discharged into our bodies and chakras through the sunlight traversing them. Thus, it is basically the combination of the sun and the color of the object that heals chakras.

The color red represents the Root Chakra (Muladhara). It denotes protection, survival, anchoring, and nourishment from the Earth’s energies. Also, the red hue is the densest in this group of colors associated with the primary eight chakras. It is critical and is located near the base of the spine, at the coccyx.

Survival difficulties associated with this hue may include money, financial freedom, and basic necessities like as food. As a result, it signifies the human person’s base and one of life’s most important sentiments, that of being grounded.

The color red evokes ideas and sentiments of survival and instinct. Red has the ability to make you feel awake, watchful, and primal. It provides a sense of being grounded and linked to the earth, having a significant influence on our survival, energy, and enthusiasm.

Unlike other colors, red denotes danger (and it is found in traffic signals and lights to warn about danger) since its intensity draws greater attention. It represents our need for rationality, physical power, and orderliness. When you are in danger, your fight or flight reaction is activated.

A wonderful way to work with red color and use it to help balance Muladhara is by the technique of color visualization: Picture red color in your mind as a sphere of light that happens in your body and watch it grow and radiate at your pelvic floor. Visualize it becoming stronger and further vibrant with each breath.

Another effective way to use red color to bring to balance the root chakra is by wearing red crystals and gemstones. Hold it with your hands (or place it on your pelvic floor area of your body) during times of relaxation and especially, meditation. Place it on your altar and carry it around with you as a reminder of an intention.

As we have seen, colors have their own vibrational energies matching their respective chakras and they are often stunningly represented in nature as the colors of a rainbow. Walking in nature through colorful gardens and gorgeous passages like forests, rivers, or mountains in the sunlight is very beneficial to balance Muladhara. Life is vibrant and multicolored by nature, and we are part of it. Being in touch with nature and absorbing its wide radiating range of colors is one of the most beautiful ways to live a colorful life.

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