Colors for Anahata Chakra

Colors for Anahata Chakra

All colors have a vibrational energy just like the chakras in the human body. Different colors possess characteristics that resonate with the seven chakras or energy centers. Every chakra has a particular color associated with it.

If there are blockages or low energy in any of the chakras, they can be balanced with the help of the representative color. Not only can colors help balance the chakra but also open it and enhance the flow of energy in that area thus allowing one to receive the corresponding emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits as well.

When a chakra is blocked, there may be several emotional or physical symptoms that occur. Using colors can be a wonderful way to heal and balance these chakras as well as overcome the limitations imposed by the blockages.

We all face blocked energy in some chakra or the other at different points in our life. Based on our life experiences and thoughts, sometimes a chakra may get blocked causing poor energy flow in this area. By identifying which aspects need healing and using the relevant color, we can help open the chakra and allow the flow of energy.

For instance, the Anahata chakra is often associated with the color green which often reflects feelings of prosperity, health, and freshness. In some cases, this chakra may also show up in shades of pink which denote love and compassion, because this is the color of the Sacred Heart chakra which is closely related to Anahata. If someone is feeling stuck in a rut or low, surrounding themselves with green may be beneficial.

On the other hand, shades of pink can help with feelings of being unloved or unworthy by promoting compassion and similar frequencies. This is how colors can help balance and align the Anahata chakra to allow love to flow freely through us.

Every color has a specific vibration which correspond to a particular chakra. Color therapy has been around for a long time and various colors can have an impact on our mood and emotions as they can interact with our body’s frequency through the chakra.

The Anahata chakra is located at the centre of the chest and directly influences feelings of love and compassion. Along with this, it is also responsible for our ability to feel joy and happiness. A blocked Anahata chakra does not just stand in our ability to love completely, but also limits our ability to feel joy and happiness which is a basic human need.

On the other hand, an overactive Heart chakra can also lead to over-emotionality and other concerns. A balanced chakra is best to feel calm, serene, and openly loving to oneself and the world around us. Having an open Anahata chakra is important to be able to cultivate genuine relationships with the self and other people.

The color typically associated with the Anahata chakra is green. However, pink and shades of pink also match the frequency of this chakra.

When you think of the color green, you may immediately think of nature. A walk in the park or garden is a great way to heal your Anahata chakra. If possible, place some plants in your room or balcony. Surrounding yourself in nature or gardening regularly can help you reconnect with nature and open your chakra. You can also meditate in the garden or focus on nature’s images as you relax your mind.

Another way to bring the vibration of the color green to your life is by wearing green clothing, green jewellery, or surrounding yourself with green objects. Some of the recommended gemstones for this chakra include emerald, jade, malachite, and peridot.

Pink is another color associated with this chakra. Wear light pink clothing, paint your room in shades of pink, or place pink objects in your room. You can also opt for pink stones such as the rose quartz to connect with the frequency of this chakra.

Colors form an important aspect of our emotional and physical health. Every color has a certain vibrational frequency which corresponds to one of our chakra centers. Even though green and pink are associated with the Anahata chakra and help balance the energy here, it is important to surround ourselves with all colors. This helps keep all our energy centers in balance as we enjoy the diverse vibrational frequencies of the world around us.

The Anahata chakra plays a huge role in the way you experience daily life and experiences. A balanced Heart chakra can work wonders in helping you live an open and joyous life which is why healing this chakra of any blockages is very important.

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