Colors for Swadhisthana Chakra

Colors for Swadhisthana Chakra

Ancient meditation practices give importance to eight different focal points located in the region ranging from the base of the human spine to the top of the skull. Each one of these focal points is called chakras. Every chakra has its role and is a complex energy center corresponding to different needs and emotions.
Each chakra has a different color associated with it. This chakra color reflects various frequencies of light and energy inter-lined with that energy center. When you lack a certain kind of energy in your life, you can gain it by delving into a particular chakra color. Not only can you gain that energy, but also work with it, and amplify it.
The vitality of chakra colors is because of their integration with a human’s emotional, spiritual, and physical state. In simple terms, by relating to a specific chakra color, you can link up with the energy which identifies and rejuvenates aspects of your life.

Almost each one of us has some or the other energetic blocks and imbalances. Also, as humans, we have energy sabotaging habits that restrict us from availing our complete vitality. Such habit leads us to feel not only exhausted and scattered but also dull and sometimes ill. But this scenario can change. You can optimize your energy system by acknowledging the varied chakra colors and identifying the one that you need.

Chakra colors have different vibrational frequencies of light and energy coupled with each energy center thereby keeping up in accordance with the function of the chakras.

To heal yourself using chakra color, the first step is to identify yourself by the aura that you are currently creating. This aura can then be seen as an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. The colors of this aura reflect the energy that is constantly flowing through the chakras which can be equated with the state of various bodily functions, emotions, and other spiritual activities. 

After identifying with your current aura, you can easily judge which kind of energy flow has led to the imbalance that you are facing now. There onwards, it’s all about finding out which chakra is associated with that energy flow and concentrating or uniting with that chakra color.

For example, we often feel emotionally dull and unsafe at some or the other point in life. These are the times when we are hard on ourselves with feelings of guilt and blame. It is during such phases, our Swadhisthana chakra is underactive. So, if we, by analysis come to such a conclusion there are ways in which our Swadhisthana chakra can be healed, and we can gain the cheerfulness back.

For healing ourselves we must learn about the color associated with the Swadhisthana chakra and try to be in communion with that color. This can be done in many ways, the simplest one is to wear clothes of that color. Another one is to keep something of that color on our work desk. While doing this, remember that often chakra colors vary in different tints and tones according to the context and the person. So, before associating yourself with a chakra color, refer to the complete chakra color pallet chart. 

The Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) is represented by orange color. This chakra helps us to uncover and realize exclusive strengths as well as uniqueness carving our ideal earthly destiny. Swadhisthana is a seat to our identity consciousness, it ignites our creativity, expression, passion, emotional wellbeing, sensitivity, fearlessness, joyful experiences, pleasure, taste, sensuality, and sexual energy. 

Swadhisthana is located directly below the navel, in the middle of one’s lower abdomen, and the lumbar spine. This chakra is the hub to emotions and sentiments. It is the source of pleasure. To heal Swadhisthana chakra orange color is recommended.

The color orange is full of two entities: energy and creativity. It is known as the promoter of feelings like warmth and security. Thoughts and feelings such as passion, pleasure, and sexuality are brought to mind when it concentrates on the orange color. Focusing more and more on this color can make you feel sensual, safe as well as abundant.

Therefore, proximity with orange color can lead to healing of Swadhisthana chakra whether it is underactive or overactive. By daily focusing on the orange color, low self-esteem, excess of emotions, lack of cheerfulness, extra manipulation, can be brought to a controlled level. 

There are many ways to link yourself with the orange color and stabilize the Swadhisthana. The simplest way is to picture the orange color in your mind as a point-sized object and then watch is grow and radiate below your navel. Visualize it becoming stronger and vibrant with each breath. Regular practice of this exercise is known to produce amazing results.

Another most common and effective way is by working with Tiger’s eye. The orange quality of this stone makes it a good one to balance the sacral chakra whenever needed.

Colors are a part of the light which is made up of vibration energy. When the energy vibrates at various speeds, it creates the color spectrum. Every color that we observe around us, thankfully because of the sunlight, has its influence upon the thoughts and emotions we hold while observing that color. Although orange is particularly associated with the sacral chakra, all the colors, in general, should have their unique presence around us. The more colorful our life is, the more away we are from the imbalances of energy! 

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