Deities for Muladhara Chakra

Deities for Muladhara Chakra

The Chakra system symbolizes the vital energy of the physical body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. Positive attributes associated with the Chakras, such as love, intuition, and bravery, are also associated with Hindu deities. By studying about the many deities connected with the Chakras (swirling energy vortexes) you may learn how to foster and sharp their beneficial qualities in your life, bringing you one step closer to the divine.

These spinning energy centers have been compared to the pole that must be climbed. It’s a slippery pole. As a result, the gods’ assisting hand and their resonating energies with these chakras aid in the ascension of the devotee. Since ancient periods in human history, total submission to the Gods has been raising their connected chakras.

Lotus flowers represent these chakras with different pretty patterns. This flower thrives in lakes and pools, taking root under the surface in the slimy muck where no light can enter. Its stem shoots upward toward the light, breaking the surface into fresh air and sunlight. The sun’s energy then nourishes the bud and leaves until the beautiful lotus flower blooms. Muladhara is the name given to the first chakra. Awareness grows from the most primitive instincts of human experience and then travels through the waters of the intellect, becoming more refined as it evolves, until it finally bursts into the light of the superconscious mind, where it spiritually blossoms into the 1,008-petaled lotus chakra at the top of the head.

The lotus flower begins in the dirt, flows through the water, and ultimately blooms on the surface. There are many unique phases that it goes through while in the mud: The dirt symbolizes the instinctual mind, the water represents the intellectual mind, and the surface represents the superconscious mind, which blossoms to become one with God.

Therefore, connecting with the deity associated with each chakra makes to open and balance this chakra as per bhakti or resonance between both energies. The more the connection is established the deeper the healing of the corresponding energy center. This happens because these energies entwined in each chakra are the same energies brought by each deity connected to them. The resonating gods of Muladhara chakra are Ganesha, Hanuman, Bhumi Devi, Kubera and Kartikeya. By sharping our connection with them our whirling energy vortexes known as our chakras leads us to a spiraling union not only with these deities but ultimately also with the supreme and only one Brahman which represents all forms of god.

To contact your Chakra god, focus on the deity’s picture and attempt to see it in your thoughts. This is best accomplished by gradually building up the picture, and adding details as you focus on it. Here is a simple meditation to assist you
in developing a connection with your god or goddess:

  • To begin, imagine the deity or goddess as a dignified sitting figure.
  • Examine the number of arms and faces that they have attributed.
  • Begin to visualize the skin color and jewelry and other details appearing on the god’s portrayal gradually.
  • Consider the garments that the god is wearing.
  • See whether they have any type of things in their hands since they generally imply god attributes to meditate upon too.
  • Allow your thoughts to concentrate on it and observe what comes to you.

Each Chakra is filled with the male god’s vitality as well as the energy of their female pair or consort, a power known as Shakti.

The son of Shiva and Shakti, Lord Ganesh, is the energy that manifests creation of the Soul with its true nature (Prakriti). While holding the highest awareness of Shiva, He displays all the powers of Shakti. He is the presiding deity (ruler) of the Muladhara or the Root Chakra that rules over the earth element and holds the Kundalini Shakti, our individual power of transcendence. His two consorts are Siddhi, the power of accomplishment; and Buddhi, the power of knowledge.

Muladhara (Root) Chakra is associated with family, stability and wealth. Mula means ‘main, root or original’ and adhara means ‘base’, meaning that Lord Ganesha is the root origin of our familial happiness and domestic harmony that are absent without his blessings. Also, in Ganapati Atharvashirsa it is given that “Lord Ganesha continually dwells in the sacral plexus at the base of the spine, Mūlādhāra Chakra. He resides permanently in every living being at the Muladhara. He guides all other chakras, thereby leading the forces that propel the wheel of life”.

Therefore, Lord Ganesha is the primal force that supports the foundation of every aspect of your life. He removes all the obstacles in all your undertakings. The Lord represents new beginnings and so is life from the moment we are born. This means that everything we carry into this life being karmic, ancestral or genetic, is setting our foundation from where we start to grow up in one direction or another, from this starting but also supporting point is from where the connection between Muladhara and the Lord that presides it resides, hence establishing a connection with Ganesha attune us with the energies of our Root Chakra and how our life unfolds as we follow our dharma in this life. We then realize that Lord Ganesha connection with Muladhara is seen as the life’s primal and supporting force, the awakening of our Kundalini Shakti and the right running of our dharma while uprooting our karma.

As the presiding deity of the Root Chakra, Lord Ganesha blesses all beginnings including all early stages or initiations of any kind, He asks us to link up to our body and to the earth. Many people are disconnected from their bodies. We go about our regular lives without paying attention to what we’re doing. Without a robust connection to our body we lose contact with the earth element, which derives from the imbalance of Muladhara, our core energy center that establishes our survival, stability, and security. The stronger our foundation, the less likely we will be blown over by life’s unexpected occurrences. To develop and flourish, like a big tree with deep roots, a strong connection to the body and the ground is essential. The huge head of Ganesha signifies our own ability for increased consciousness. We lose vision of the fact that the cosmos is inside us. To live an optimal life, we must open our Ganesha ears and listen to the knowledge inside, lay a firm foundation, and then tune in to our maximum potential.

Contacting Lord Ganesha strengthen our Muladhara as per the same resonance of the same principles intertwined into the same energies. Meditation on the Lord, chanting mantras to Him, starting our days addressing Him in the early morning, or wearing 8 Mukhi Rudraksha or Ganesh Rudraksh definitely lead to build up a good foundation and connection with our roots, clearing the way for a successful ongoing pathway as only when Ganesha is realized will the journey begin.

Lord Kartikeya, the younger brother of Lord Ganesha, is also associated with the Root (Muladhara) Chakra. Born from Lord Shiva’s mind, Kartikeya’s dynamic force awakens our spiritual cognition, propelling our souls forward in their spiritual and material progress in life. Also acknowledged as the God of Will and child-like divine Love, He propels us onward on the righteous way with will and strength and He drive our kundalini force from the root upwards, as this force within everyone is held and is controlled by Lord Kartikeya. As the fearless defender of righteousness, He makes it possible grow up what has been settled in Muladhara and move ahead in life. Both brothers, Ganesha and Kartikeya reside on this first chakra to empower us to drive our lives with steadiness and safety. Their fundamental energies interwoven in the Root Chakra are essential for a healthy and successful development whether material or spiritual. The Vedas say, ‘To such a one who has his stains wiped away, the venerable Sanatkumara shows the further shore of darkness. Him they call Skanda’.

Kartikeya’s strength is also critical in keeping our innocence. When Kundalini ascends from the holy bone to Sahasrara, our Muladhara chakra performs a crucial function in clearing the Kundalini’s pathway. Innocence is the source of nourishment and the foundation of spirituality. One cannot progress spiritually if he lacks innocence. Children are naturally innocent, will-driven, and bursting of divine spontaneity. Kartikeya’s root-level support and protection are critical for life and growth. His vigor resonates with the same energies of Muladhara (Root) Chakra driving our lives forward fearlessness. These are also the same qualities of a balanced root chakra, making us stand up and fight for our needs, security and survival in the world. When things are determined to be out of balance, we may move forward by invoking Lord Kartikeya’s child-like divine energy. Meditation on Him or wearing 6 Mukhi Rudraksha reinforces our Muladhara chakra and our connection with the Lord, boosting our drive and bravery.

Lord Hanuman
is known for obedience, intelligence and devotion to his tasks. His communication skills are exemplary. He symbolizes strength controlled by mind power. He grants his devotees knowledge, wisdom, courage and strength. These are all qualities that profoundly resonates with Muladhara chakra. He is indeed worshipped by wrestlers to grant them immense strength and protection, in deep association with the qualities of our foundational root chakra. Therefore, meditating on and worshiping Lord Hanuman blesses the devotee with bravery, loyalty, immense base power and sustainability for anything he desires to achieve in life. The resonating qualities of Hanuman and Muladhara work interweaved between, stemming in the same power whether we invocate Him or we bring to balance our root chakra, the same energies arise to support our foundation and growth in full strength and determination, invigorating our building blocks. By wearing 14 Mukhi Rudraksha we get attuned to this divine energy of the Lord and we can easily balance and strengthen our Muladhara chakra too.

Goddess Bhumi Devi
is our supporting Mother Earth and deemed as such from our earliest holy scriptures. She is the mother of all the lives that have ever been born from her and lived on her. She holds us and bears our weight on our evolutionary path, embodying mercy, kindness, and serenity. Our acts, both individual and communal, weigh hard on our Mother Earth. Our whole existence is dependent on Her. The human body, whose consciousness is dependent on an active and balanced Muladhara (Root) Chakra, may be used as a model for the Earth system. Both are living systems with constant physical, chemical, and biological interactions. Both are made up of a large amount of water. The Earth, like the human body, is home to millions of different species and creatures (we have nine times more microbial cells than human cells). Aerial views of river systems have a striking resemblance to the veins in our bodies.

Her contribution to our fundamental existence is what keeps us alive. She has always been there to support, provide, withstand, and nurture us. She is the major groundwork of our material reality, and thus Her connection with our root chakra is tangible perceived. In the same way a tree has its roots diving into the earth to sustain itself, so we are being continuously maintained by Her too. Without Her no human life on Earth would be possible at all, which means our physical survival totally depends on her in the first place, right from there when we are born till the end of our material existence.

In Puranic texts, Prithvi is mentioned as Bhumi Devi as the personification of Mother Earth and the symbol of fertility and prosperity.  Invoking She is very beneficial for bringing to balance our Muladhara (Root) Chakra and heal our roots (origins) healthily. The Earth element of both this chakra and Bhumi Devi provides us with solidity, structure and support. Muladhara chakra connects us to Her
and similarly, invoking Her, meditating on Her or wearing the 18 Mukhi Rudraksha bead which is ruled by Her, opens and stabilizes our Muladhara by grounding us in the present moment while fully sustaining our system structure and always providing for all our survival needs and all abundance we are open to receive from Her with open arms and heart.

Lord Kubera
’s wealth is very well mentioned in Rig Veda. He is the store house of all prosperity and assumes the highest responsibilities. For this enormous task be successfully done He obviously resonates with the supporting quality of the Root chakra. Indeed, Lord Kubera is connected with all material prosperities acquired in the form of wealth, opulence and riches, which means unearthed abundance as the leader of the Yakshas as mentioned in our Vedic scriptures. Being regarded as the treasurer of riches and bestower of material affluence, it is naturally connected with Muladhara chakra which holds the key to a successful wealthy and abundant life when is balanced accordingly. Muladhara chakra connects you to the vastness and abundance of Mother Earth. Kubera is a Yaksha who lives in the Patalloka. Invoking Kubera helps one save wealth and discover hidden wealth. Wearing 21 Mukhi Rudraksha bead serves the same purpose. The material wealth is essential for our physical survival on this Earth.

As we have seen there are several deities connected with our Muladhara chakra in very deep association and resonance with the qualities of our root chakra. Total surrender to these deities is one of the ways to assist us in enhancing the function of our Muladhara (Root) Chakra, which is fundamental for our survival and making progress in our life. It also helps us to bring to balance an imbalanced Muladhara. The qualities and attributes of the above deities are the same as the ones of our Muladhara chakra, always resonating at the same vibrational frequency.

Therefore, either taking the earthy path to balance Muladhara by our own physical and mental means or taking the divine path of connection to the gods for help and assistance brings about exceptional results. Healing our Root chakra with the helping hands of the gods may actually be done in plentiful ways. Starting from meditation to contemplation of the deity’s pictures, through their mantras, yantras and wearing Rudraksha beads ruled by them are all proven effective ways to balance Muladhara so that it works productively for you.

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