Deities for Manipura Chakra

Deities for Manipura Chakra

The Chakra system symbolizes the vital energy of the physical body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. Positive attributes associated with the Chakras, such as love, intuition, and bravery, are also associated with Hindu deities. By studying about the many deities connected with the Chakras (swirling energy vortexes) you may learn how to foster and sharp their beneficial qualities in your life, bringing you one step closer to the divine.

These spinning energy centers have been compared to the pole that must be climbed. It’s a slippery pole. As a result, the gods’ assisting hand and their resonating energies with these chakras aid in the ascension of the devotee. Since ancient periods in human history, total submission to the Gods has been raising their connected chakras.

Lotus flowers represent these chakras with different pretty patterns. This flower thrives in lakes and pools, taking root under the surface in the slimy muck where no light can enter. Its stem shoots upward toward the light, breaking the surface into fresh air and sunlight. The sun’s energy then nourishes the bud and leaves until the beautiful lotus flower blooms. Manipura is the name given to the third chakra. Awareness grows from the lower chakras as ascending kundalini energy and travels through the waters of the intellect, becoming more refined as it evolves, until it finally bursts into the light of the superconscious mind, where it spiritually blossoms into the 1,008-petaled lotus chakra at the top of the head.

The lotus flower begins in the dirt, flows through the water, and ultimately blooms on the surface. There are many unique phases that it goes through while in the mud: The dirt symbolizes the instinctual mind, the water represents the intellectual mind, and the surface represents the superconscious mind, which blossoms to become one with God.

Therefore, connecting with the deity associated with each chakra makes to open and balance this chakra as per bhakti or resonance between both energies. The more the connection is established the deeper the healing of the corresponding energy center. This happens because these energies entwined in each chakra are the same energies brought by each deity connected to them. The resonating gods of Manipura chakra are Lord Rama and Lord Agni. By sharping our connection with them our whirling energy vortexes known as our chakras leads us to a spiraling union not only with these deities but ultimately also with the supreme and only one Brahman which represents all forms of god.

To contact your Chakra god, focus on the deity’s picture and attempt to see it in your thoughts. This is best accomplished by gradually building up the picture, and adding details as you focus on it. Here is a simple meditation to assist you
in developing a connection with your god or goddess:

  • To begin, imagine the deity or goddess as a dignified sitting figure.
  • Examine the number of arms and faces that they have attributed.
  • Begin to visualize the skin color and jewelry and other details appearing on the god’s portrayal gradually.
  • Consider the garments that the god is wearing.
  • See whether they have any type of things in their hands since they generally imply god attributes to meditate upon too.
  • Allow your thoughts to concentrate on it and observe what comes to you.

Each Chakra is filled with the male god’s vitality as well as the energy of their female pair or consort, a power known as Shakti.

Lord Rama is the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He embodies the flawless human being: the ideal son, ideal brother, ideal spouse and ideal ruler. The Ramayana, Lord Rama’s history, is packed with excellent conduct of the Lord and His friends, and they all serve as seamless models. The Ramayana is replete with ideal models for us to emulate, such as an ideal parent, ideal son, ideal wife, and so forth. His story is also told in the epic Mahabharata. He is shown in paintings with princely adornments and the kirita-makuta (tall conical hat) on his head, representing his royal rank. Lord Rama is shown in sculpture as a standing figure carrying an arrow in his right hand and a bow in his left. Lord Rama is a model of logic, right action, and desired values. He symbolizes righteousness in life, and the personification of chivalry and virtue.

Lord Rama symbolizes the pure form of the soul (consciousness) that resides in Ayodhya (the city without disputes), while Sita represents the Earth, the embodied Self, or the individual self. Sita illustrates the Mind in simple terms. When Rama married Sita, the Pure Light merged with the Mind, giving birth to the human body. Lord Rama, however, cannot dwell in the city of no disputes while he
is inextricably linked to the Mind (Ayodhya). Rama and Sita go into the dark jungle to dwell. The Dark Forest reflects our daily lives or the world we live in, which
is full with attractions and distractions.

However, Sita (Mind) is drawn to the Golden Deer one day (Worldly Distraction or Maya). This means that Sita’s (Mind’s) meditation on Lord Rama (Pure Consciousness) has been interrupted by the world. Rama abandoned Sita in
the care of Laxman. Laxman represents our own awareness. Laxman Rekha draws a line to shield Sita, symbolizing protection from evils and hazards in this
dark world. Unfortunately, Sita (Mind) breaks free from that protection and is seized by Ravana (represents Ego). Ravana has ten faces because Ego uses various methods to distract us. Ego does not have a single face. We may easily be ensnared by ego in the guise of desire, pride, illusion, perversion, impediment, adversity, and etc.

In Lanka, Ravana kidnaps Sita (The Land of materialism ruled by the king Ego). In Lanka, Sita (Mind) resumes Rama mediation (Consciousness). Because she is aware that she has been imprisoned by something very strong, from which only Rama can save her. Then Rama gathers the army of monkeys, which is symbolized by the army of ideas, which can never be silent but bounce from issue to topic. Vali is introduced to control them, which contradicts our beliefs. To rescue Sita, a bridge is being built out of stones with Rama’s name engraved on them, so that the stone floats on the ocean. This means that if the name of the Divine Power is used, we may be spared from drowning in the ocean of troubles and distractions.

Finally, when Ram defeats Ravana (ego) and re-connects with his or her own Self (Sita). When he finds the individual Self, he purifies it in the fire of austerities, just as Rama did with Sita, and eliminates all the impurities that collected around the Self during its captivity and enslavement in the body. The mind that is no longer extroverted is no longer a mind at all, and it (Sita) must go.

The whole Ramayana narrative focuses on our mind’s reunion with our pure inner self-consciousness. These external diversions draw our Mind, and we are caught by the Ego and Maya. We are so immersed in the ocean of Maya that the link between our intellect and inner self has been severed. Lord Rama assists us in saving ourselves from drowning in the ocean of Maya. Rama must shoot at Ravana’s navel in order to kill him, implying that in order to eliminate our Ego, we must go deeper into the roots of our inner self, comprehending ourselves.

This is a beautiful representation of all what it is about Manipura chakra when it is operating in a balanced way. In this case, it expresses itself in people who are spontaneous and uninhibited. They act from their inner gut and they are ready
to jump into the unknown trusting themselves. You call upon this chakra’s energies when you want to garner self-discipline and follow through. Even the warmth in your personality comes from the Solar Plexus chakra.

Lord Agni is revered as one of the most significant Vedic gods. Agni is the deity of fire and the messenger of the gods, and he accepts offerings from anybody who is committed to his Lord. He was immensely significant to the people who lived during the Vedic period, and the Rig Veda has 200 songs dedicated to him. The deity of fire, Agni, is praised in eight of the 10 texts. Agni may be found in everyone’s household. Agni is said to be the essential spark of life, and he burns the food in people’s stomachs. Agni is also the Sun’s fire, and it is responsible for the Sun’s radiance and heat. Agni is critical to human existence and progress, which is why people have prayed to him from ancient times.

He is shown with two heads. One head represents immortality, while the other represents life. Along with Indra and Varuna, he was one of the early Vedic period’s Supreme gods. He is often described as the connection between heaven and earth, as well as humanity and deities. He is related with Vedic sacrifice, and he accepts devotees’ offerings to their cherished, well revered, and worshipped gods in his fire. The people who established fire worship during the early Vedic era personified him as the sacrificial fire. Agni is thought to have been born on three levels: earth, mid-space, and heaven. It represents the “domestic fire,” “defensive fire,” and “offering fire” in a Vedic home.

It is the Agni tattva that dominates Manipura chakra, which is the energy center of will power, command and control. Same as the Sun is at the center of the Solar system, so it’s the Solar Plexus and its fire element energies at the focal point of intersection of the body’s energies and nadis. You may have numerous ideas and excellent intentions, but they may not come to fruition if your Manipura chakra is weak. When this energy vortex is balanced and empowered, even the most little goals begin to materialize.

As we have seen there are several deities connected with our Manipura chakra in very deep association and resonance with the qualities of our Solar Plexus chakra. Total surrender to these deities is one of the ways to assist us in enhancing the function of our Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra, which is fundamental for our survival and making progress in our life. It also helps us to bring to balance an imbalanced Manipura. The qualities and attributes of the above deities are the same as the ones of our Manipura chakra, always resonating at the same vibrational frequency.

Healing our Solar Plexus chakra with the helping hands of the gods may actually be done in plentiful ways. Starting from meditation to contemplation of the deity’s pictures, through their mantras, yantras and wearing Rudraksha beads ruled by them are all proven effective ways to balance Manipura so that it works productively for you.

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