Deities For Swadhisthana Chakra

Deities For Swadhisthana Chakra

The Chakra system symbolizes the vital energy of the physical body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. Positive attributes associated with the Chakras, such as love, intuition, and bravery, are also associated with Hindu deities. By studying about the many deities connected with the Chakras (swirling energy vortexes) you may learn how to foster and sharp their beneficial qualities in your life, bringing you one step closer to the divine.

These spinning energy centers have been compared to the pole that must be climbed. It’s a slippery pole. As a result, the gods’ assisting hand and their resonating energies with these chakras aid in the ascension of the devotee. Since ancient periods in human history, total submission to the Gods has been raising their connected chakras.

Lotus flowers represent these chakras with different pretty patterns. This flower thrives in lakes and pools, taking root under the surface in the slimy muck where no light can enter. Its stem shoots upward toward the light, breaking the surface into fresh air and sunlight. The sun’s energy then nourishes the bud and leaves until the beautiful lotus flower blooms. Swadhisthana is the name given to the second chakra. Awareness grows from the lower chakras as ascending kundalini energy and travels through the waters of the intellect, becoming more refined as it evolves, until it finally bursts into the light of the superconscious mind, where it spiritually blossoms into the 1,008-petaled lotus chakra at the top of the head.

The lotus flower begins in the dirt, flows through the water, and ultimately blooms on the surface. There are many unique phases that it goes through while in the mud: The dirt symbolizes the instinctual mind, the water represents the intellectual mind, and the surface represents the superconscious mind, which blossoms to become one with God.

Therefore, connecting with the deity associated with each chakra makes to open and balance this chakra as per bhakti or resonance between both energies. The more the connection is established the deeper the healing of the corresponding energy center. This happens because these energies entwined in each chakra are the same energies brought by each deity connected to them. The resonating gods of Swadhisthana chakra are Krishna, Kamadeva and Mahamrityunjaya Shiva. By sharping our connection with them our whirling energy vortexes known as our chakras leads us to a spiraling union not only with these deities but ultimately also with the supreme and only one Brahman which represents all forms of god.

To contact your Chakra god, focus on the deity’s picture and attempt to see it in your thoughts. This is best accomplished by gradually building up the picture, and adding details as you focus on it. Here is a simple meditation to assist you
in developing a connection with your god or goddess:

  • To begin, imagine the deity or goddess as a dignified sitting figure.
  • Examine the number of arms and faces that they have attributed.
  • Begin to visualize the skin color and jewelry and other details appearing on the god’s portrayal gradually.
  • Consider the garments that the god is wearing.
  • See whether they have any type of things in their hands since they generally imply god attributes to meditate upon too.
  • Allow your thoughts to concentrate on it and observe what comes to you.

Each Chakra is filled with the male god’s vitality as well as the energy of their female pair or consort, a power known as Shakti.

Lord Krishna is the charming and happy stream in all of us. When there is no irritability, worries, or desires in the mind, only we can achieve deep relaxation. Only in deep relaxation can Krishna awake. The greatest enemy of the ego is happiness. Where there is happiness and love, the ego cannot stand. When faced with love, simplicity and cheerfulness, the ego inevitably subdues. Lord Krishna is the epitome of happiness, the simple essence and the source of joy and love in all circumstances we pass through in life. The contrary of it is called fear.

Swadhisthana chakra is the stream of emotions running inside us. They can dance in bliss or withdraw in fear. The joyful energies of Lord Krishna have a profound effect on these emotions uplifting our mood and ensuring we walk our path with awareness and a positive mind and emotions, protected from negative influences and all kinds of fears and anxieties. Lord Krishna’s energy entirely resonates with the flow of thoughts and emotions of the Sacral chakra when it is balanced. Thus, He blesses the persons with wellbeing and fearlessness safeguarding a healthy functioning of this energy vortex which is fundamental for our overall happiness.

Lord Krishna’s qualities are Ananda Lahari, Prema Lahari and Soundarya Lahari. Lahari means waves and his presence is like waves of Ananda or joy; waves of Prema or love and waves of Soundarya or beauty because He represents elegance in perfection, elegance in every peace of this marvelous creation in where we live our Leela. A person living in that state creates an oorjha – an energy field. Such energy field of Lord Krishna is aakarshanam, which means ‘that which attracts’. When we invoke the state of consciousness of Lord Krishna, we only can feel joy. And, when the emotional waves of the Sacral chakra are filled with joy, we can only experience life with tears of compassion, pleasure and contentment.

He is the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and is depicted playing the flute surrounded by milkmaids. As long as the milkmaids loves Krishna unconditionally, he will multiply himself and dance with everyone, making everyone feel completely and completely loved. But when they became possessive and refused to share him with others, Krishna disappeared, filling these women with despair. When realizing the dawn and they begged for forgiveness, Lord Krishna returned to dance the dance of love. The Maha-raas takes place outside the village, in the forest, at night, far away from familiar surroundings. Nevertheless the women feel safe. They feel unthreatened by the law of the jungle. They have faith in Krishna and no fear.

When Krishna played the flute in the jungle, love rather than force prevailed. The weakest, the least suitable, were not afraid. They can sing, dance and thrive in joyful indulgence. And all this is surrounded by waves of love and beauty. Lord Krishna attracts our minds and helps us in times of crisis. He changed our world from a battlefield to a garden. He takes us to Madhuvan. There, we find Krishna, the charming cowherd, who attracted our hearts and awakened the desire for celebration. The senses are excited, the heart rejoices with love, the mind is full of wisdom, and we naively obey his music and take a place in his Maha-raas.

The flute He plays attracts the cows and the milkmaids, there is no force here, no tension or obligation, just gentle seduction. The milkmaids adore the flautist, they follow him enchanted by the flute. This is a beautiful representation of all what it is about Swadhisthana chakra when it is operating in a balanced way. We start to resonate with the seat of our Selves and elevate beyond mundane affairs, letting our unique identity blossom in the whole picture of our life’s path without being negatively disturbed by it. Lord Krishna nurtures our inner child and clears away emotional hindrances from our path, so this inner child can blossom to his or her full potential until achieving what he or she was born for in this lifetime.

Lord Kamadeva, the god of love is illustrated as a handsome, youthful winged man with a greenish (sometimes shown reddish) complexion. He carries a special bow made of sugarcane with a string of humming honeybees and arrows that are with five kinds of scented flowers. He rides a parrot as vehicle. Etymologically, Kama means sensual desire and Deva means a divine being. He is regarded as the heavenly god of love who arouses passion and love among those struck by his cosmic arrow. Hence, his natural association with Swadhisthana chakra.

The bow and arrow are Kamadeva’s weapon since it is the only weapon that possesses both stability and adaptability, as well as the same form quality.
Each of the five arrows is topped with fragrant flowers and causes the victim to swoon as a result of the love effect. Not just people, but even deities, are vulnerable to Kamadeva’s arrow. Even Lord Shiva was unable to resist the loving impulses instilled in him by Kamadeva and Rati.

Kamadeva’s five arrows represent the five impacts that desire has on those who are stricken by it. The five arrows, which are designated Lambini, Tapini, Dravini, Marini, and Bodhini, are thought to signify attraction, disturbance, scorching, withering, and destruction. Aravinda (White Lotus), Ashoka, Cuta (Mango Flower), Navamalika (Jasmine), and Nilotpala are the flowers on his arrows (Blue Lotus). The first arrow is targeted towards the heart, causing exhilaration and young joyfulness at first. The second arrow is targeted towards the lips, causing one to shout out of ecstasy. The third arrow is directed at the head, and it causes a person to lose their mind and become crazy in love. The fourth arrow is directed towards the eyes, and it causes you to perceive things under another vision.

The fifth arrow is essentially meant to strike you anywhere and cause the ‘target’ to be engulfed with love.

Lord Mahamrityunjaya Shiva’s energies and vibrations bring happiness, heal physical health, and align emotional and mental tranquility with physical well-being. This is one of Lord Shiva’s most powerful forms. Invoking Him creates a protective armour around us, shielding us from all dangers and disasters, accidents and adversaries, illnesses and anxieties. It completely eliminates unidentified fears and unexplained situations. Maha Mrityunjaya Shiva’s supreme power is such that it eliminates whatever interferes with our dharma or life’s path, allowing our true identity to emerge in its fullest potential in total independence from whatever karma we brought to this life.

When this happens, all that is left is a deep sense of contentment only. Under this state, Swadhisthana chakra opens and blossoms in such a profoundly cleansed way that it has not been seen with the invocation of any other god or goddess.

As we have seen there are several deities connected with our Swadhisthana chakra in very deep association and resonance with the qualities of our sacral chakra. Total surrender to these deities is one of the ways to assist us in enhancing the function of our Swadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra, which is fundamental for our survival and making progress in our life. It also helps us to bring to balance an imbalanced Swadhisthana. The qualities and attributes of the above deities are the same as the ones of our Swadhisthana chakra, always resonating at the same vibrational frequency.

Therefore, either taking the earthy path to balance Swadhisthana by our own physical and mental means or taking the divine path of connection to the gods for help and assistance brings about exceptional results. Healing our Sacral chakra with the helping hands of the gods may actually be done in plentiful ways. Starting from meditation to contemplation of the deity’s pictures, through their mantras, yantras and wearing Rudraksha beads ruled by them are all proven effective ways to balance Swadhisthana so that it works productively for you.

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