Large Intestines

Large Intestines

The large intestine is also known as the large bowel or colon. It is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract and of the digestive system, in the vertebrates. Water is absorbed here and the remaining waste material is stored as feces before being removed by defecation. Most sources define the large intestine as the combination of the cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal. However, some other sources exclude the anal canal.

In humans, the large intestine begins in the right iliac region of the pelvis, at the waist or below the waist, where it is joined to the end of the small intestine at the cecum, via the ileocecal valve. It then continues as the colon ascending the abdomen, across the width of the abdominal cavity as the transverse colon and then descending to the rectum and its endpoint at the anal canal. The colon is the last part of the digestive system. It extracts water and salt from solid wastes before being eliminated from the body and is the site in which flora-aided (largely bacterial) fermentation of unabsorbed material occurs. The major function of the large intestine is to absorb water from the remaining indigestible food matter and transmit the useless waste material from the body. Constipation, the unusually sluggish transit of fecal materials through the colon that causes the infrequent passing of hard feces, is both cause and symptom.

In case anyone senses some anomaly in their bowel movements as constipation for a prolonged period of time it is important to consult a doctor to rule out more severe possible conditions like colorectal cancer. An early medical check-up also helps to correct the problem (whatever it may be) and begin medical treatment as soon as possible.

Once the diagnosis has been established and medical treatment has begun, the patient might consider beginning professional Chakra Therapy to enhance and speed up recovery while providing holistic and ultimate healing.

Chakra Therapy is a unique technique to open the blocked Chakras in the body and treat the ailments caused by these blockages. Chakra Therapy is an alternative therapy that does not have any side effects and treats not only the disease but transforms the affected individual to find their purpose in life and face it with renewed energy and vigor.

Chakra therapy opens the Swadhisthana Chakra and with the resulting restored energy and vitality the individual can counteract large intestines related issues.

Swadhisthana Chakra also known as Sacral Chakra controls the way you think and feel. When the Swadhisthana Chakra is optimally active or energized, you are fearless by nature. You become creative, safe and protected. But when it becomes imbalanced when a person is unaware of the care and nurturing provided by their surroundings. Because he or she believes he or she is not deserving of or good enough to achieve anything in life, he or she has self-doubt.

They also believe they are unloved and uncared for, and they blame themselves or others for feeling unloved. Among the many things that may cause this chakra to become blocked are self-doubt, poor self-worth, dread of the unknown, and worry that something bad will happen to me, to name a few.

Once this Chakra is balanced, the person is free of self-doubt, and the symptoms of large intestines eventually disappear.

Our emotions and relationships have an impact on the big intestine. It may also be disturbed by our capacity to absorb life’s facts and let go of things that no longer benefit us. Individuals suffering from these illnesses are individuals who dislike change, especially in their everyday routines.

When we struggle to break a bad habit, the lower intestine may react sympathetically, causing inflammation, discomfort, bleeding, or even colon rupture. Refusing to let go when you know you truly want or need to may lead
to potential consequences for the health as the case of large intestines.

Chakra Associated with
Chakra Blocked By
Chakra Unblocked When

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) uses specific Rudraksha and Ratna (gemstone) in precise advanced stringing methodology for chakra awakening and healing.
A blocked Swadhisthana Chakra can be opened with the use of Rudraksha, gemstones and other techniques.

Choosing the appropriate Rudraksha and Ratna as well as wearing them as per RRST methodology unblocks the Sacral Chakra and controls and cures the issues caused by large intestines.

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Dr. A. Kumaran is the founder of Malaysia Sri Bala Tripurasundari Peedam residing in Sri Saradha Devi Ashram Rawang. The young spiritualist Professionak is a Grand Reiki Master, trained in the field of Tantrik, Metaphysics, Hipnotis, Angelic healing and specialized in DNA Healing through Universal Energy.

Master, is also trained in the Sri Vidya Tantra and the practice of Dasamahavidya Sadhana, has been providing deeksha to many on the Sri Bala Tripurasundari Sadhana, Mantra Yogham, Reiki Healing and many more. Master’s research on the Universe and its magnificent energy has started since the tender age of 14. Now after 10 years of successful research, Master has begun to conduct Past Life Karma Healing sessions through Universal Energy for overall wellbeing of an individual achieved by reducing the impact of our past life karmas. This clear obstacles from our path towards success in achieving both materialistic wealth as well as attaining Moksha.