Planets for Manipura Chakra

Planets for Manipura Chakra

According to historical astrological tradition, the classical seven chakras of the human body have been related to the seven classic planets for millennia, and according to Vedic astrology, the nine planets have a connection with the major eight chakras. Even more planets are linked to the chakras in modern Western astrology, including those discovered in contemporary history. As a result, there is a long legacy of connection between the planets and the chakras in all astrological systems and traditions across the world.

Planets in a birth chart represent the baby’s potential qualities and energies, and our chakra system is made up of many latent qualities and energy centers that have been linked to planets since antiquity. Since ancient times, the planets visible to the naked eye in our solar system have been regarded as gods, ruling over human affairs ranging from medicine to politics and all aspects of people’s lives. It is not surprising then that they are linked to various body systems. In Western astrology, they are linked to various organs and functions of the body, and in Vedic astrology, they are similarly linked to our chakras.

This long-held link is now explained by modern science so that we are made up of the same elements as the planets. They are no distant objects in the sky with no connection to human life, but as astrological research has revealed, they are indicators of inner motivations and energies and their dynamics in our lives, qualities, and attributes, just in the same way our dynamic energy vortexes (chakras) work in our bodies too. Therefore, rather than a link between planets and chakras, we can refer to it as a similarity in principles, energies, and patterns.

Planetary remedies have long been used by Vedic astrology to help balance our chakras because each dynamism both above and below (sky and earth) are intrinsically connected and show up in our birth chart. Religious rituals are performed in Hinduism to appease these dynamic forces or energies, which are linked to gods and goddesses ruled by these planets so that they can be integrated into our lives in congruence. Similarly, in Western astrology, the mythology of the gods and goddesses associated with the planets is linked to depict the significance and attributes of each planet and their respective energies.

For the first time in recorded history, scientific astrological research in the last century (Gauquelin et al.) demonstrates the validity of astrological pointers in sketching the personal traits of a person. Similarly, it has long been established that the balance or imbalance of our chakras derives from various traits and outcomes in the lives of individuals. In both cases, there is solid enough scientific background to work with both components (chakras and planets) in combination.

Having said that, there are several methods for balancing our energy vortexes (chakras) by paying attention to the corresponding energy patterns (planets). The western astrologer will analyze the condition of the planet associated with the chakra in the birth chart to determine how to balance its natural energies in such a way that the related chakra energy is restored. By analyzing the chakras and their ruling planet, one may determine the source of one’s life’s highs and lows.

On the other hand, the Vedic astrologer will prescribe religious remedies such as planetary pujas to the different Hindu deities associated with each planet in order to appease these energies and, in the same way, bring these forces into harmony so that they can be favorable for the native rather than a hurdle on the path with the clearance of any chakra imbalance related to the associated planet and deity.

The analysis of the natal chart to determine how these planets are placed and combined is common in both systems (vedic and western) so that any imbalance in the chart can be corrected accordingly using the methods described above. Being aware of the nature and qualities of the planets associated with the chakras, as well as cultivating these qualities in ourselves in their positive manifestation, helps to bring our chakras into balance. For this, we must first look which planets are linked with their related chakras and what their symbolism involves.

The Sun is the ruling planet of the Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra. Since ancient times the Sun was a symbol of heroism, disappearing each night to battle with the forces of nature and then returning valiant each dawn again. Through cultures since ancient times the Sun has been associated with life, vitality and will, our goals in life and our inner force to fulfill them. Our purpose, intent, direction in life. In the same way that the Sun keeps and holds the whole solar system together, the planet has an integrating role in the birth chart, like the leader of an orchestra. This closely relates with the Manipura chakra which is at the center of all our body nadis and energies, and thus it regulates our energy system.

Located at such central position, the Sun is the source of all life energy on Earth and similarly it contributes greatly to the general will and vitality of the person; same as the notion of a Divine spark. Its strength in the birth chart indicates
the basic urge towards life and towards being. Those with a ‘sunny’ disposition are people who can enjoy life and radiate their presence; their vitality is strong. And, depending in how balanced and the degree of activation of the Solar Plexus chakra one can imagine that for some people the Sun radiates like a 150-watt light bulb when they walk in a room, whereas others gets by on 40 watts. People usually feel at their most alive when carrying out the message of their natal Sun.

Manipura chakra and the Sun are naturally related because both are the energetic hubs of living systems which at the same time are invigorating energies we need to make use of in order to achieve our goals and objectives in life. Without this elemental vitality we cannot tap into our inner potential to fulfill our aspirations and dharma. Indeed, the Sun will contribute much to the most important events and decisions in life. Essentially, it is concerned with our life purpose and hence our nuclear aims at our very core and where our inner spirit takes us. Basically,
it has much to say with our quest. Obviously, the whole chart speaks of our life’s purpose, mission and quest but the Sun seems to play a central role here by driving and illuminating with direction the rest of the chart.

Coming from a solar perspective, one might say “I want” whereas the Moon is more “I need”, thus with the Sun we affirm “This is my purpose, my intention, my direction”, or “here I want to be myself”, or “here I want to be special”, or “here I want to be unique and an individual in my own right”. The Sun symbolizes that part of the self that centres on itself. Aspects to the Sun describe the ease or difficulty an individual may have in both accepting themselves and in being self-centred, therefore the position of the Sun in the natal chart has a considerable impact on a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, attributes that are of course no stationary but confidence can both grow and wane over time. Manipura chakra level of balanced functioning is essential for establishing these traits.

The solar principle is concerned with the future, it describes the direction one is heading towards, as opposed to the Moon, whose concern is the past and where we are coming from. Likewise, the solar principle relates with those areas of our lives we consider to be essential for us, those areas and qualities to which we attach importance while at the same sourcing our best efforts in these from our Solar Plexus chakra. This energy center is our motor able to drive ahead our life.

When the Sun is not favorable placed in the natal chart, it is an indication of an imbalance at Manipura chakra. It can point out an underactive Solar Plexus chakra where we lack adequate will and drive to perform our duties, or by contrary,
an overactive Solar Plexus chakra where we tend to feel an uncontrollable need to be in control of ourselves, others and situations around us. An imbalance in Manipura is always reflected by an afflicted Sun at birth and vice versa, bringing us the opportunity to work with our innermost energies, our inner child.

As we have seen a healthy chakra functioning in a balanced way indicates we have our planetary energies working productively for our development, and vice versa: an unfavorable positioned Sun leads to an imbalanced Manipura.

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