12 mukhi Rudraksha: 15 mm (1 bead)
Citrine: 7 mm (55 beads) + 8 mm (20 beads)


A spiral bracelet made of faceted Citrine gemstone beads with a natural 12 Mukhi Rudraksha bead of Java origin is delightful to wear for every occasion. A dangling pendant of Solar Plexus chakra in pure silver and wooden beads add to the charm of the bracelet. With the see-through shine of the Citrine beads, the bracelet is bound to offer a polished look when paired with any ensemble. The bracelet works on Solar Plexus Chakra by enhancing the connection with the personal power to diligently achieve one’s goal.  


  • Release worries and self-doubt and enhances mental strength
  • Evokes self-confidence and self-respect and encourages discipline
  • Imparts a sense of independence to transform the situation in one’s favor

12 mukhi Rudraksha: 15 mm (1 bead)
Citrine: 7 mm (55 beads) + 8 mm (20 beads) 

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