12 mukhi Rudraksha: 15 mm (1 bead)
Citrine: 7 mm (10 beads) + 8 mm (4 beads)
Length of bracelet: 7 inches (stretchable)


Reflect your vivaciousness with this handmade bracelet made using faceted Citrine beads and powerful 12 Mukhi Rudraksha beads in the center. A pure silver Solar plexus Chakra motif attached as dangles graces the bracelet. With designer wooden beads and silver accessories, the bracelet looks very stylish. Made in stretch elastic, the bracelet makes a flawless fit for your regular and office wear.


  • Release worries and self-doubt and enhances mental strength
  • Evokes self-confidence and self-respect and gives mental power
  • Imparts a sense of independence to transform the situation in one’s favor

12 mukhi Rudraksha: 15 mm (1 bead)
Citrine: 7 mm (10 beads) + 8 mm (4 beads)
Length of bracelet: 7 inches (stretchable) 

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