Bead size: 15 mm (Rudraksha) x 8 mm (Blue Sapphire)
No. of beads: 1 (Rudraksha) x 16 (Blue Sapphire)

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Blue Sapphire Origin: Africa

Spiral bracelet made using natural 17 Mukhi Rudraksha beads with faceted blue sapphire gemstone beads to add a pop of style. Accentuated with a pure silver pendant of Third-eye chakra and wooden and Lava stone beads, the bracelet makes a standout accessory. Designed to fit all wrist sizes, it makes a standout addition due to its additional Third-eye Chakra healing benefits.


  • Helps awaken the intuition and increases acceptance and calmness
  • Brings a balanced state of mind and steady approach towards life
  • Heightens awareness to see reality beyond light and dark

Bead size: 15 mm (Rudraksha) x 8 mm (Blue Sapphire)
No. of beads: 1 (Rudraksha) x 16 (Blue Sapphire)

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