Diameter: 60 mm
Weight: 22 gms

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Origin: India

A pretty, sleek and smooth Bangle made of Rose Agate Gemstone, is desirable for everyone. It looks good with any type of attire and makes an apt costume jewellery and as a healing bangle. The Rose Age Gemstone is a stone of peace, calmness and is well known for its protective property. This beautiful Rose Agate Bangle nurtures, boosts self confidence, helps to release feeling of loneliness, anger, fear and grounds the wearer. It attracts good fortune and good friends.

Rose Agate stone is said to have anti-aging properties, supports in healing bone problems.

Buy the Rose Agate Bangle for yourself and as gift for friends and family.

Wearing guidelines: Wear on right hand.

Inner Diameter: 60 mm
Weight:  22 gms


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