Sounds Associated with Ajna Chakra

Sounds Associated with Ajna Chakra

Every melody has the power to impact us in different ways. Often, we hear some songs or melodies that evoke joy and energy in us while others may have us slow down and take it easy. The temp and rhythm used in different songs can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical health.

Similarly, we can chant mantras to gain these benefits and balance our chakras. Every chakra has a particular sound and frequency attached to it. By singing or chanting these mantras we can help heal our concerns as well as empower our chakras to function better.

Chanting to the chakras primarily occurs by reciting the Beej mantra, or seed sound, of the chakra. When starting this practice, be sure to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Next, when saying the chant, focus on the energy and feel of the chant rather than attempting any specific pitch or tone.

Keep your breathing relaxed and as you exhale, let the sound roll out gradually. If working with a specific chakra, such as the Ajna chakra, keep your focus on the chakra region and repeat the sound consistently. Feel the energy at the chakra get stronger every time you chant.

You can also chant to multiple chakras by moving up the spine to the crown or from the crown to the spine, whichever way works for you.

The main sound of the Beej mantra for Ajna chakra is AUM or OM. Chant the mantra AUM a few times while focusing on the sound of the mantra and the region of the chakra. Feel the energy of the chant strengthening your Ajna chakra.

Stay mindful of the region between your eyebrows and the impact of the sound at this location.

Everything that vibrates has a specific significance known as resounding recurrence. Every chakra has a recurrence of sound, image, and color vibration to which it is tuned. When these vibrations are in balance, the chakra energy is free-flowing and in balance.

However, life experiences and environmental stressors can impact the frequencies and cause blockages or imbalance in the chakra.

Using the vibrational energy of sound, color, and chants can help bring these chakras back to balance. The frequency at which chakras are in their most balanced position is called the fundamental frequency.

Binaural beats are a great way of using sound energy to balance the chakras. By using different frequencies, we can help the brainwaves perform specific functions for improved benefits.

The different frequency states include:

Delta -This is the lowest frequency state and is associated with healing, meditation, cortisol reduction, and deep sleep.

Theta – This is the next frequency level and is commonly associated with meditation, creativity, and deep relaxation.

Alpha – On this frequency the brain is focused and is at an ideal state for learning a new skill. At this state, you can boost positive thinking and reduce stress.

Beta – Beta is a higher frequency brainwave and is associated with analytical thinking, problem-solving, and a higher level of cognitive function.

Gamma -This is a higher frequency than beta and relates to memory, creative ideas, and enhanced cognitive development.

In Vedic custom, sound vibrations can tap into the underlying currents of energy that flow through the entire universe. Mantra sounds follow the same principle of vibration and help balance and even enhance their flow of energy for better results.

Ajna Chakra Frequency: 852Hz

The element of the Ajna chakra is light and the Beej mantra is OM or AUM. The melodic note A is related to this chakra along with the vowel ‘a’ pronounced as ‘aye’.

One great way of awakening this chakra is through the use of its relevant frequency which is 110 Hz or the Solfeggio frequency of 852 Hz. These frequencies help connect us with our inner consciousness in a dream-like state that goes beyond the physical.

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