Sounds for Muladhara Chakra

Sounds for Muladhara Chakra

Sound is said to link the physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds all at once. Its effects are both immediate and long-lasting. Music seems to affect mood via producing neurotransmitters such as dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, cortisol, immunoglobulins, and endorphins, hence influencing the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (stay and play) nervous systems.

Sound therapy uses sounds and music to benefit patients in a clinical setting in a variety of ways, including promoting health, positive mood, rest and healing, tolerance of difficult and challenging medical procedures, creating positive experiences, promoting feelings of connection with others, and making music to improve memory and cognitive functioning. Actions that activate both sides of the brain, such as singing or playing an instrument, assist the brain in processing information more efficiently. When we chant the Chakra (Sanskrit for “wheel”) sounds, we gain from singing and deep breathing, as well as concentrating on altruistic traits, connecting with the elements, and digesting our life experiences.

Chanting to the chakras has significant gains, as stated, but we can also listen to these sounds associated with the chakras. Chanting or listening sounds for the chakras is more effective when it is done first thing in the day soon after wake up. In the same way, a song we hear very early in the morning keeps playing by itself in the background of our minds for the rest of the day; the same occurs when we listen or chant a chakra sound after wake up. Sound therapy experts recommend listening to chakra sounds and mantras 30 minutes after wake up, as the sooner, the deeper the effect. And, likewise, 20 minutes before sleep, too. These are both critical moments when our subconscious mind is more receptive to the mantras, music or sounds we play or listen to during the day.

Muladhara (Root) Chakra is instantly activated when we chant or listen to sounds in nature. Indeed, this is part of many popular retreats and yoga programs around the planet. Spending the morning or our spare time in contact with nature while hearing or chanting root chakra sounds is beautifully beneficial for Muladhara. Also, because our root chakra is connected to the Earth element, is always a good idea to use a mala which we can hold in our hand while japa chanting of the chakra sounds with our thumb finger (connected to the earth element too) rolling out each bead of it. Rudraksha malas are the most beneficial for this and also provides a slight natural pressure to the fingers by its thorns. Alternatively, any grounding stone mala could be used as Picture Jasper which connects us with our ancestral roots. Additionally, we can also use a yantra while chanting a mantra for Muladhara by using the geometric pattern of the Root chakra itself or the yantra of Lord Ganesha, who is the presiding deity of this chakra. This is tantra and thus, it would be even more beneficial and complete at all levels.

Each chakra has a wealth of symbolism and significance. Find a comfortable area to sing the beej sounds (the seed syllable of each chakra), just as you would for meditation. Use a natural and comfortable tone for your voice, rather than striving to be high or low in pitch. Allow the sound to progressively fade away for the length of your breath. Give each portion of the word an equal amount of the exhaling time and sense where they reverberate. Practice mindfulness or active listening while doing it, feel your body and the sound blend together.

The beej sound also known as the beej mantra for Muladhara is “LAM”. You can either chant it or listen to it. In the case you chant it, please note that the “a” in LAM is a prolonged vowel that is intoned as an elongated “aaammm”, rather than just sung it as a short and fast “LAM”. It is not about pronouncing but chanting it. In the case you prefer listen to it, the use of headphones is mandatory unless you are in a really silent and calm location or environment for optimal results. Ideally you could chant or listen to it while being in an open and natural place hearing other sounds produced by nature (like windy tree leaves) and letting these external sounds blend with LAM into your pelvic floor area of your body.

The fundamental frequencies for Muladhara chakra are between 194 and 396 Hz. Being the upper one considered the most effective. 396 Hertz, a low but smooth frequency, helps cleanse the negative feelings associated with an imbalanced root chakra, such as fears, guilt, or trauma. The simplest and most convenient way to effortlessly listen to it in our fast-paced life nowadays is through smartphone apps on vibrational sound frequencies, which usually include binaural tones too for the chakras in MP3 and other compatible formats for all operating systems. Always use headphones while playing these, and you can also merge them as a background frequency tune with the beej mantra LAM mentioned above or any other root chakra related sounds for increased effectiveness. Alternatively, you can also play this vibrational frequency in the background wherever you are as much as you want or might need it, as long as you feel comfortable with it and it does not disturb other people around you. 

Low binaural beats (tones) matching the low Earth resonant frequency (14 Hz) are deeply relaxing and releasing sound therapy for grounding and healing our Root chakra, bringing to balance Muladhara by connecting mind and soul with the very natural frequencies of Mother Earth. The difference between frequency or also known as fundamental frequency (FF) and binaural beats (BB) is that the latter ones are alternating tones with a dynamic sound at two or more different levels of resonance, whether FF is a continuous uniform tone. Both FF and BB are usually combined together in musical apps to balance moods. They are further fused with the beej sound LAM all three together for balancing Muladhara chakra.

Divine mantras in Sanskrit can be either chanted or listened to for healing and bringing Muladhara (Root) Chakra to balance. Besides the beej mantra LAM, we can also chant or listen the beej mantras of Lord Ganesha (ruler of root chakra) and Bhumi Devi. Also, the beej mantras of planets Mars (Mangala) and Ketu are associated with Muladhara chakra and equally effective for the same purpose, especially if chanted in a consistent daily way with devotion and dedication.

Lord Ganesha Beej Mantra
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha ||

Goddess Bhumi Devi Beej Mantra
Om Hrim Shrim Klim Vasundharayai Swaha ||

Ketu (South Node) Beej Mantra
Om Hreem Ketave Namah ||

Mars (Mangala) Beej Mantra
Om Hoom Shreem Mangalaya Namah ||

As we have seen, all of the above sounds and mantras have something in common: all of them have a grounding, down-to-earth vibrational energy that attunes our foundational root chakra energies, which are directly connected with the Earth element and our Mother Earth. It is no coincidence that people with an imbalanced Muladhara (Root) Chakra get enormous relief by getting in touch with the sounds and smells of nature. Listening to natural healing sounds in natural settings, from soothing ones like breezy tree leaves, chirping crickets, or even crackling fires, to more bursting ones like thunderstorms or a brawling river, has long been established to have a therapeutic effect on all living creatures, not just humans. Nature sounds help focus attention, soothe the wandering mind, and reduce tension. Environmental sounds have been shown in several clinical studies to critically help patients with psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression feel more peaceful, confident, and unworried, as well as more alert and focused by shifting their attention outwards to listen the sounds of nature.

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