Sounds For Swadhisthana Chakra

Sounds For Swadhisthana Chakra

Music is known to heal various conditions. Not only does hearing music changes ones mood, but also it’s known to increase memory and cognitive functioning of the brain. Music is made from sound which in turn is created from vibrations.

Different types of music are known to affect the mental condition of a human in different ways. When played with proper study, music can transform a person’s mood from flight or fight mode to staying calm and playing mode. Music has deep impact on a person’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Almost every civilization has given highest importance to music.

Clearly, music is profoundly related to energy and its transformation and hence its link with Chakras is obvious. Each chakra has its own beej mantra on chanting which the Chakra corresponding to that mantra activates and life can be realized in a more powerful manner. The person performing chakra chanting gains via creating vibrations by singing and breathing deeply while doing so! Apart from this, the performer also benefits in altruistic traits, digesting various situations of life and connecting with the unknown.

There are two ways in which one can activate his or her chakra using music. The first one is by chanting the chakras, and the other one is by listening to it. The amount of gain varies depending on the choice chosen. Although there isn’t any particular time prescribed to be as the time when chakras are meant to be chanted, it is believed to have relatively more impact when done as the first thing after waking up.

The realization is similar to hearing a song just after waking up. It stays for us, throughout the day, doesn’t it? Similarly, if we hear the chant of our chakra as the first thing after waking up, it stays with us throughout the day. Experts have went deeper into the study and revealed how listening to chakra chants precisely 30 minutes after waking up, and 20 minutes before sleeping leads to a relatively higher impact than other times in the day. These are the times, when our subconscious mind is believed to be more receptive to the mantras, music, sounds or vibrations that are present in our environments.

Swadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra can be the most effectively activated using sound. Listening to sounds not only opens, but also expresses the stifled emotions that are present in the second Chakra. Swadhisthana is immediately tuned to the soothing, organic sounds of flowing water and oceanic waves. Apart from these natural sounds, Swadhisthana is also associated with the vowel sound “Ooh” and the mantra chant “Vam.”

So, if you spend time at places that are closed to oceans and rivers and meditate to create the above mentioned sounds your Swadhisthana Chakra will be activated speedily.

It is advisable that while you are doing chakra chanting, sit at a comfortable place, one that you would use for meditating. Chant chakra at a tone which is neither too high for you, nor too low. At first, consciously try to rollout the sound as slow as the duration of your breath. Monitor your inhales and exhales and ensure you give an equal part to both. Try to feel the point where they resonate. Start at the base and then try to move to the stop, alternatively you can start at the top and move to the base. Give importance to practice mindfulness while chanting the chakras.

“VAM” is the beej sound or the beej mantra for activating the Swadhisthana Chakra. Note that, all the seed syllables that contain ‘a’ are to be pronounced with an ‘ah’ while chakra chanting. You can either chant the beej sound or beej mantra or simply listen to it.

The most ideal situation, both, for listening as well as chanting this beej sound/mantra is near by a river or an ocean. Especially while listening to the mantra, prefer a headphone as opposed to listening in open, unless you are in a very quiet environment. Practicing this regularly for days can lead to impactful results.

Apart from this, Swadhisthana has relation with musical keynote D, sound frequencies 210.42 Hz, 288 Hz, and 384 Hz. It is noted that the most impactful of them all is the Solfeggio frequency of 417 Hz and when a Tibetan singing bowl is tuned to 417 Hz, and is joined with sound healing binaural beats, all one needs is 27 minutes of listening with a pair of headphones to achieve a complete different dimension of potential.

Chakra balancing programs that focus exclusively on the Sacral Chakra are also available. They feature Tibetian Singing bowls tuned to the frequencies essential for activating the Swadhisthana and the binaural beats balancing a Solfeggio frequency of 417 Hz.

The Chakra balancing program also progresses along with Earth Resonance frequencies, to a frequency as low as 7.83 Hz i.e. Schumann Resonance and ends at an Earth resonance of 14.1 Hz. This is to ensure that hearing to these frequencies not only deeply relaxes and releases sound healing, but also helps balancing your spirit to the resonant frequencies of the Earth.

Chanting the beej Mantra “VAM” lifts your awareness at least a bit higher to the area present in front of your sacrum, behind your lower belly and allows you to feel the watery quality of your pelvic bowl. While chanting the mantra, if need be rock the pelvis a little forward and backward. Ensure you have found the stillness and only then audibly make the first sound of the beej mantra VAM.

Start with the V sound as if it could emanate from the region present in the front of your sacrum. After you are done doing so, chant the complete mantra few times and feel the sound ripple out from that area. On completion, sit silently for a few moments and feel the mantra reciprocating in that region.

The history of chanting chakra is based on the theory how chakra is related with five different elements which will then have an interlinking to a beej mantra also known as the seed sound. The seed sound was originally used in a practice called nyasa – visualizing sounds and shapes and mentally placing them at different centers of the body.

To understand this in an even better manner, consider each chakra as a special folder on your drive and the mantras as various methods to open the information that every chakra has, just like double click.

Nature is inherently linked with each and every human being and therefore, it is no coincidence that a person with disturbed Swadhisthana Chakra would be attracted to travel to places where there is sound of flowing water or oceanic waves. And just as chakra chanting leads to its activation and balancing, so does listening to natural sounds.

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