Sounds for Vishuddha Chakra

Sounds for Vishuddha Chakra

The impact of music on our emotional and physical energy levels has been well-documented. We all have a favourite playlist
of songs to get us grooving or help boost our concentration when working. A large number of spiritual organisations actively use sound healing as part of their daily lives.

Sound also has its root in vibrational energy like our chakras. Every chakra has a seed or beej sound that resonated best with the frequency of the chakra. Using these sounds can help promote a better energy flow and open up our chakras.

When chanting to the chakras, it is important to find a quiet meditative setting. Pick a place and time where you won’t be disturbed and can sit quietly for at least 15 minutes. Keep in mind that the chants are expected to filter through the subconscious mind and create impactful changes there. This won’t happen if your conscious mind is engaged or busy.

This is why sages would recommend chanting early morning as soon as you wake up or just before bedtime. Chant or listen to this mantra for 10 to 20 minutes at either of these times for maximum effect.

The beej mantra of the Vishuddha chakra is ‘Ham’ (pronounced as hum). Chanting this sound while sitting in a peaceful and calm state can help bring the chakra into balance. Chant this mantra while meditating and focus gently on the energy of your throat area. You can also feel the vibrations of your chant at this chakra point.

Don’t feel the need to create a specific pitch or volume for the mantra. Instead, choose a tone that is most suited to your voice. Do not strain as that will move your focus from the chakra and place it on your activity of chanting.

Breathe normally as you chant and slowly try to deepen your breathing. Feel the energy in your throat region and the characteristics of improved communication and confidence.

‘HAM’ is the beej sound for activating the Vishuddha chakra. The pronunciation is that of hum with an ‘uh’ sound. While chanting this mantra is beneficial to activate the vibrations, you can also listen to a video of this mantra during your meditation.

For maximum benefits, regularity is a must. Do not skip any days when you start chanting for healing. Even if you can’t chant for a long time, start small but do your practice daily.


The Vishuddha chakra is associated with the musical note G and the vowel sound ‘uh’. The sound frequency that works best to activate this energy centre is 741Hz which deals with empowerment and speaking ones’ truth. 

A recommended sound healing technique for the Vishuddha chakra is a harmonizing Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz, combined with the sound therapy technique of binaural beats. This frequency can help evoke a sense of confidence and self-expression.


Using binaural beats at the recommended Solfeggio frequency is a great way of using sound healing techniques to open the blockages in the chakra. Combining the binaural beats at this frequency can tune your brain into a relaxed and meditative Theta state furthering your healing. These sounds can not only help balance the Vishuddha chakra but also align your energy centre to that of Universal energy. 

The chakras also respond to the five elements found in the Universe. The element strongly linked with the Vishuddha chakra is that of ether – it is the quiet space between thoughts. A person with a blocked Vishuddha chakra may find peace and comfort in meditation and calming the chaotic thoughts.

Along with chanting the mantras and working with resonant frequencies, enjoying naturally quiet moments in nature can also be hugely beneficial for healing the Vishuddha chakra.

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