Symptoms of Unbalanced Manipura Chakra

Symptoms of Unbalanced Manipura Chakra

Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra is the third main chakra which is located at the upper abdomen region, just below the solar plexus. This Chakra resonates with the color yellow and its element is fire. Due to its location, it is also called the navel chakra. Translated from Sanskrit, Manipura means ‘the place of jewels’. The so-called jewels associated with the Manipura Chakra are power, self-empowerment, clarity, wisdom, confidence and well-being.

This chakra governs and harmonizes the functions of the stomach and the digestive system. Thus blockages in this energy center cause of health issues related to the stomach and pancreas. Manipura Chakra is where one develops himself, with the gain of self-confidence, in this Chakra pride and jealousy turn into modesty and generosity, ignorance turns into clarity, and laziness turns into the focused and consistent effort. The Chakra is also associated with self-power, self-esteem and strength.

The Manipura Chakra is the source of an individual’s personality, influence, and power. Here, we experience strength, wholeness, and harmony with ourselves and life. Respect for oneself and others, happiness, openness to others and the world, serenity and self-assurance, a passion for physical activity, and an uninhibited personality are all indicators of a properly functioning third chakra.

A balanced Chakra largely contributes to an assertive personality, non-egocentric ego, wisdom, willpower and ability to accomplish.

On the other hand, an Unbalanced Manipura Chakra can cause the below-mentioned issues: 

A person with an unbalanced Manipura Chakra will experience powerlessness; he won’t have confidence in himself or on his abilities. He will constantly look for approvals from others and will find it hard to make decisions. These factors will result in a loss of self-confidence and self-respect.  

A person with an unbalanced Chakra is emotionally not stable. Either he can be a control-freak or totally careless. Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem which are signs of an unbalanced Manipura chakra often leads to constant nervousness and also makes the person oversensitive to criticism and emotional upheavals along with uncontrolled sudden outburst of emotions.

When one has low self-esteem issues he constantly seeks approval from others about everything which makes him prone to victimization. His inability to make decisions renders him dependent on others.

An unbalanced Manipura Chakra frequently manifest primarily in extremes. Powerlessness caused due to unbalanced Manipura Chakra can result in anger, aggressiveness, lack of control and loss of boundaries. One may also feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges and feel emotionally unstable.

Stomach-Related and digestive issues are caused due to an unbalanced Manipura Chakra. Issues such as acidity, indigestion, chronic fatigue are caused due to energy blockage in this Chakra. 

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