Unlocking the Power of 7 Chakra Healing: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking the Power of 7 Chakra Healing: A Comprehensive Guide

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Chakra healing is an alternative therapy that uses the energy of the chakras to promote healing. The seven main chakras are located along the spine, and each one is associated with a different area of the body. Chakra healing can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including physical, mental, and emotional issues. Chakra energy healing is said to be beneficial for beginners as well as those who are experienced in alternative healing therapies. Healing your chakras can help to improve your overall health and well-being.

Chakras preserve the free flow of energy within our bodies, which explains its translation as “wheel” or “cycle.” Chakras are electromagnetic vortices that absorb and transfer subtle life force energy inside and around the body. Understanding this system can help you determine which aspects of your body and life require immediate care. Each chakra is related with the nerve bundles, organs, and glands in the region where it is situated. As such, they impact not only the physical functioning of the area, but also the emotional and spiritual health of individuals.

When a chakra is in balance, energy flows smoothly throughout the whole body. Yet, imbalance develops when the free passage of energy in a chakra is obstructed, which may be caused by specific lifestyles, experiences, physical settings, and more. If a chakra is blocked, a person may develop physical and emotional symptoms of imbalance. It is unhealthy for the chakras to be either fully blocked or always overflowing with energy; the objective is to achieve a state of equilibrium. When a stressful or traumatic event associated to a specific chakra happens, however, that chakra starts to function more quickly to remedy the problem.

When the fight, flight, or freeze mode of your nervous system is activated, your heart rate and blood flow rise. Your chakra system imitates this response energetically by entering a state of hyperactivity and increasing its rotation and activity as required. If the chakra continues to rotate at an accelerated rate for an extended period of time, it will ultimately degrade and slow to the point that it seems to be non-rotating. This implies that the chakra will attempt to draw energy from the other healthy spinning chakras, resulting in a total exhaustion and a nearly halted chakra system. This results in a chakra that is inactive or obstructed.

In an ideal situation, you want to have a fluid and robust chakra system that understands when to open or shut, rotate or not rotate excessively, and doesn’t become trapped in a posture that causes imbalances. A lack of flow throughout the chakras may show in the body as heaviness, discomfort, numbness, and even pain. Pain or discomfort in a particular location of the body may represent an aspect of your life that isn’t adequately flowing or functioning. The stagnation manifested physically due to a blocked chakra may begin to impair other aspects of life, such as interpersonal relationships and professional performance.

Your emotions, especially complex emotional patterns tied to traumas and pressures in your life, are sensed and stored in your body. These emotional patterns may not be presently beneficial to your life, particularly if they take an excessive amount of energy from your neurological system and energy body (chakras). These regions of agony and suffering are extraordinary chances to interact with life in other ways. In other words, repressed emotions may manifest as stored bodily symptoms. As a result of this relationship, chakras may be an integral component of your inner guiding system. Awareness, knowledge and understanding of the chakras may lead to a more comprehensive consciousness of the physical, emotional, and energy body’s relationship.

The chakras are the energy centers of the physical body, where your beliefs and emotions are turned into your health. This may be “seen” in the chakras or perceived from these subtle energy centers. Traumas, bad emotions, and ideas may settle in the chakras, causing a blockage (oftentimes a mental or physical disease) that impedes the healthy passage of energy. Negative thoughts and emotions impede a healthy energy flow, causing fatigue, weakness, and finally the development of illness. To obtain maximum health, chakra healing through chakra therapy involves removing inner resistance that lies inside the chakras.


The seven primary chakras connect to distinct physical locations. Together, they construct a mystical healing energy pathway. Each chakra has unique characteristics, including an element, sense, color, and much more. The treatment and balance of the energy body constitutes Chakra energy healing.

Ideas, feelings, and actions are all composed of energy and energetic frequencies. Chakra therapy focuses on removing energetic blocks to enable energy to flow more freely, hence reducing mental, emotional, and physical problems.

To balance the energy body, one must familiarize themselves with the seven chakras located throughout the body. The chakras are arranged as follows, beginning at the base of the spine and progressing upwards:

The location of this chakra is near the base of the spine. This chakra is in charge of our feeling of security and connects us to Mother Earth. Hence, when this chakra is balanced, you will have a sense of safety, stability, and grounding in your life. When you begin to feel insecure or ungrounded, you should concentrate on clearing and balancing your Muladhara chakra.

Imbalanced Muladhara chakra: Weight issues. Constipation. Degenerative joint disease. Lack of zeal, purpose, or determination. Insecurity. Anxiety. Fear.

Related diseases when out of balance: Prostate problems. Varicose Veins. Obesity. Arthritis. Piles. Anal Fissures. Anal Fistula. Sciatica. Knee Joints Pain. Osteoporosis.

This Chakra is positioned just below the navel. It controls your imagination, sexuality, and emotions. When this chakra is balanced, you will use your creative force, feel connected to your uniqueness, and let your emotions to flow through you. When you begin to feel emotionally or artistically blocked, or out of sync with yourself, you should work on clearing and balancing your sacral chakra.

Imbalanced Swadhisthana chakra: Uterine, bladder or kidney disorders. Rigid lower back. Absence of imagination. Impotence. Irritability. Jealousy.

Related diseases when out of balance: Fertility issues. Endometriosis and PCOS. Emotional Instability and Depression. Kidney problems. Fibromyalgia. Bladder problems. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Bloating problems. Ovarian Cancer.

This Chakra is placed in the area of the upper abdomen and diaphragm. It facilitates your connection to your own strength. So, when this chakra is in balance, you feel strong, confident, insightful, and have a healthy sense of self-worth and willpower. You should concentrate on unblocking and regulating your solar plexus when you begin to feel feeble or down on yourself.

Imbalanced Manipura chakra: Digestive difficulties. Muscle wasting. Ulcers. Liver problems. Low self-esteem. Low energy. Perfectionism. Selfishness.

Related diseases when out of balance: Hypertension. Indigestion problems. Liver and Cirrhosis issues. Stomach aches. Hepatitis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

The location of this Chakra is the chest. It determines your capacity to offer and accept love. When this chakra is in harmony, you will be in the flow of love, have good relationships, and experience joy in your life. You should work on unblocking and balancing your heart chakra when you begin to experience a lack of love emanating from you or when you have problems allowing it in.

Imbalanced Anahata chakra: Asthma. Heart disease or respiratory illness. Elevated blood pressure. Aversion to rejection. Broken heart sensation. Self-sabotage.

Related diseases when out of balance: Allergies. Fever. Asthma. Sneeze. Hay Fever. Rhinitis. Cholesterol problems. Triglycerides issues. Breast Cancer. Lung ailments.

This Chakra is positioned in the throat’s center. It is accountable for telling the truth and listening actively. So, when this chakra is balanced, you will be able to assert your beliefs and define your limits with ease by utilizing your voice. You should work on unblocking and balancing your throat chakra if you find it difficult to utilize your voice, maintain secrets, have difficulties establishing boundaries, or have problems listening to others.

Imbalanced Vishuddha chakra: Sore throat. Neck stiffness. Frequent colds. Thyroid problems. Hearing difficulties. Fear of public speaking. Timidity. Confusion.

Related diseases when out of balance: Thyroid issues. Communication problems. Sore throat. Hair fall. Bronchitis. Insomnia. Tuberculosis. Ear Infection. Dry skin. Neck and shoulder pain. Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism. Immunodeficiency.

This Chakra is situated in the middle of the forehead. It is accountable for seeing clearly from a point of enlightenment linked to your higher awareness. Hence, when this chakra is in balance, you will have a strong connection to your intuition and observe events from a higher perspective.

You should concentrate on unblocking and balancing your third eye chakra when you begin to feel disconnected from your intuitive guidance, uncertain about the next steps on your journey, or as if you are seeing the world through a glass half empty.

Imbalanced Ajna chakra: Headaches and migraines. Vision problems, including blindness, eye strain, and fuzzy vision. Dizziness. Disillusionment. Misjudgement.

Related diseases when out of balance: Stubbornness. Sinus problems. Nightmare. High temper. Partial or complete Blindness. Vision problems. Tinnitus. Headache.

This Chakra is located on top of the head. It is accountable for our connection to the cosmos and spiritual direction. Hence, when this chakra is in harmony, you will feel inspired, led, and in touch with global energy. When you feel uninspired, spiritually trapped, or regularly worried, you should concentrate on clearing and balancing your crown chakra, in order to connect to God.

Imbalanced Sahasrara chakra: Incoordination and imbalance. Alienation. Apathy. Loneliness. Frustration. Neurological disarrays. Confusion and inability to learn.

Related diseases when out of balance: Skin problems. Psoriasis. Vitiligo. Epilepsy. Neurological disorders. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Depression. Migraine. Dementia. Alzheimer. Parkinson. Schizophrenia. Paralysis. Coma. Multiple Sclerosis.

Chakras are designed to revolve at a healthy rate, absorbing and transmitting subtle life force throughout the body. If a chakra gets blocked, there are methods to cleanse it and restore its balance.

Understanding the physical and emotional impacts of blocked chakras is the first step towards reestablishing the chakra system’s equilibrium. In general, a blocked chakra is accompanied with a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, and in some instances tingling or numbness. You may identify chakra obstructions by tuning into your body.

Observe anything that happens when you mentally scan your body from the feet to the head (the first chakra to the seventh chakra) and the head to the feet (the seventh to the first chakra). Pain or discomfort in a certain place of your body may correspond to an aspect of your life that isn’t flowing or working as you’d want. After you’ve determined where you’re feeling “off” you may determine why that chakra region needs attention and what could restore balance to the area.

Our early life patterns often manifest as recurring body or chakra problems or patterns. Awareness of these patterns enables you to take actions toward your health and discover strategies to nurture yourself and satisfy your physical and energy demands.

Unlike the majority of modern physical medicine, chakra healing occurs where your imbalanced chakras are identified, in the subtle body, and is therefore noninvasive and painless. To rebalance the chakras, there are numerous effective healing techniques, such as focused chakra meditation, crystal or gemstone rebalancing, reiki energy healing, chakra energy introspection, foot baths, detox work, reflexology, essential oils, massage, and physical or psychic work.

Your practitioner must assess the overall state of your chakra system, where any unbalanced areas or blockages may reside, and which techniques will most effectively restore you to health and wholeness during the initial healing session.

You may be asked about your medical and health history as well as your healing session objectives. The majority of the time, you will be lying down during your chakra healing sessions, although different practitioners may take different approaches. Other chakra therapy experts will recommend remedies you can take at home or wear on your body like rudraksha and gemstones.

Like any other ailment, must be tailored to each individual’s personal situation and how deep-rooted the problem to be treated is. Some people’s chakras can spontaneously recover their natural balance in a matter of days, whereas others may take months. As a result, various methods are employed.

Yoga is one of the most popular activities for balancing the chakras, since both yoga and chakra knowledge systems have ancient Vedic origins, they are consequently interrelated. In reality, there are particular exercises that may be learned to promote each chakra’s health.

Meditation is also essential. According to research, if individuals could participate in a three-day silent meditation retreat every six months, they could reset their whole chakra system. While regular meditation retreats may not be realistic for many people, pranayama, a yogic breathing method meant to cleanse the body of physical and emotional impediments can be practiced regularly.

Breathing  is based in two of the three main nadis end in the nostrils. If healthy air and energy flow via the nadis, the chakras stay open and function properly.

Listening to anything with large drums to activate the root and sacral chakras, instruments such as the saxophone for the sacral and solar plexus chakras, string and arch instruments such as the cello and harp for the heart chakra, flute and piano for the throat chakra, and tinkling bell sounds, gongs, or even chirping birds for the third eye chakra. The whole symphony works with the crown chakra.

Speaking and expressing your feelings and your truth can be life-saving for many individuals with blockages in different chakras, such as the Sacral, Heart, or Throat chakras, because it regenerates the upward flow of energy through the spine.

The famous sufi poet Hafiz once said, “The words you speak become your home.” I want my home to be sturdy, built on a solid foundation, and able to withstand whatever the future may bring. Therefore, I work on my listening and focus, and when I speak or express myself in any way, it is from my soul. We could appoint this type of reasoning when applying speaking techniques.

Mantra meditation is practiced chanting bija mantras for every chakra, repeat them while concentrating on the body part where the chakra is located. You may choose to stay focused on one chakra per day or chant all seven at once. Also, you may chant these mantras silently or aloud, but keep in mind that sound has profound healing properties. Using a rudraksha mala during japa recitation has been shown more beneficial as per recent medical research.

Affirmations, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Essential oils, astrological analysis of weak planets, psychological release of old beliefs, and many more methods are evaluated and must to be addressed depending on each personal situation. Even new methods and practices can be developed, or several of the aforesaid ones can be combined, to treat specific ailments and imbalances that affect different chakras that are interconnected, depending on the complexity of the energetic blockage of each person and how many energy centers might be affected by it.

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is the science of using specific Rudraksha and Ratna (Gemstone) on the body for balancing the Chakras. This holistic healing therapy was devised by Sakhashree Neeta along with her team of doctors, scientists, researchers, and scholars after two decades of research and through working with several clients from different walks of life.

This science taps the power of Rudraksha and Gemstones, so that 100% of their properties are utilized to open the blocked Chakras. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) details the methodology of usage of various Rudraksha bead or Gemstones to derive best results. Today, it is regarded as one of the most effective and durable chakra therapies for removing energetic blockages.

An overwhelming 20,000 testimonials from people from all walks of life have proved that RRST therapy gives success in the spheres of business, career, health, education and inter-personal interactions and relationships. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy provides extremely beneficial chakra healing.

When your chakras are in harmony, you may live your most active life, according to chakra research. Examine your own energy centers to see whether there are any regions that feel blocked; if so, you may be able to unblock the flow of energy to feel more vital and healthy.

According to a popular proverb, the teacher appears when the student is ready. Similarly, each individual must determine for themselves which approach is most appealing for this type of therapy. In addition to our own extensive experience in Chakra Therapy, we at the Chakra Yog Foundation have an international network of holistic therapists from all fields. We recommend that you contact us so that we may advise and guide you towards the optimal solution for your unique situation, regardless of where you reside.

A typical RRST session involves the therapist having a one-to-one conversation with the client during which the problems are discussed, the root cause of the problem identified and specific Rudraksha and Gemstone combination suggested which would balance the blocked Chakras. Once a client wears the RRST combination, he or she starts experiencing positive changes within a week’s time.

Whether you’re new to the world of chakras or are just learning their meanings, we offer a variety of free resources for beginners so that they can obtain the most truthful, accurate, and scientifically supported information possible.

It is always a good idea to begin associating the chakras with their names and colors, body parts, and glands, and to gradually learn the significance of their proper functioning. However, there is a great deal of dispersed information on the topic on the internet due to its current popularity and the fact that few foundations have devoted decades to providing accurate information and healing like us at Chakra Yog. Today, chakra healing for beginners is easier and more accessible than ever before, but it is only successful if done correctly.

For this reason, we advise you to request any material you may need to begin your journey towards chakra knowledge and the restoration of your health and well-being. We conduct constant workshops on chakra education via YouTube. For those looking for chakra healing near me locations this could be one of the simplest and most practical starting points.

In addition to professional Chakra Therapy, the following are Ayurvedic experts’ recommendations for chakra healing on a daily basis:


Practice Visualizing. Visualize healing energy flowing through your body and up your spine if you feel out of balance in general. You may begin to feel particular body regions become warm, tingling, or even pressure. There were also some colors visible. All of these are only indications that energy is changing and being released. Allow time for energy rebalancing and regeneration, including a restful night’s sleep. It is said that chakra balancing can be accomplished within twenty-four hours, but in most cases it is a progressive recovery involving a few weeks.

Connect with Nature. It is essential to begin balancing the root chakra so that you may feel grounded without becoming rigid. Restoring balance may include connecting with the earth’s energy by spending some time outside and practicing walking barefoot on the earth’s dirt to absorb its negative ions. In many situations, when you feel worried, insecure, ungrounded, or exhausted, the problem may arise from an imbalanced root chakra. Thus, always remember to start from checking the root chakra wherever the energetic blockage is located in your body.

Try sound Therapy. Consider a sound bath in addition to a normal water bath (since water baths are also beneficial for chakra balance). Many sound frequencies correspond to each chakra. These sounds’ vibrations may assist eliminate energy blockages and promote a healthy energy flow throughout your chakras. You might seek out a nearby sound healer or think about getting a Tibetan singing bowl and try it at home. Additionally, all modern music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Deezer, etc, includes collections of sounds at different frequencies for all the seven main chakras, so you can listen to them anytime from anywhere.

Use Mantras that balance the Chakras. Rejuvenate your body’s energy flow by channeling sound via chanting. Chanting is similar to internal sound healing. Your voice’s vibrations operate to eliminate blockages from all of your energy centers. If you’re unfamiliar with chanting, you could find a yoga session that involves chants so you can try it, or watch our chakra sounds videos from our channel on YouTube. You may also choose one of the daily beej chakra mantras, such as “Lam” for the root chakra, “Vam” for the sacral chakra, and so on with all chakras. Each of them corresponds to an affirmation you may also use; for instance, “Lam” corresponds to “I am” and “Vam” corresponds to “I feel.” Imbibe that sensation.

Undertake a Chakra Color contemplation. Each chakra corresponds to a certain hue. The red root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine, the orange sacral chakra is in the pelvic region, the yellow solar plexus chakra is in the stomach (just above the belly button), the green heart chakra is in the center of the heart, the blue throat chakra is in the neck, the indigo third-eye chakra is in the centre point of your forehead, and the white crown chakra is directly above the scalp.

You may balance a blocked chakra using color meditation by visualizing its location in the body and seeing its hue emanating from its core. Start ideally at the base of your spine, at the root chakra, and travel gently upward through each energy center as you see its color coming from your body. When you bring these various color locations to mind, breath into each one, allowing the energy associated with it to increase with each breath.

Usually, the emotional anguish we experience in our daily life may be related to a particular chakra; this is why, for example, when we feel sadness, it appears in certain places of the body, such as chest ache. Opening and bringing the affected chakra in line with an adequate flow of energy may aid in overcoming unpleasant emotions and fostering a sense of well-being.

In addition to meditation and prayer, chakra therapy incorporates the use of gemstones and rudraksha beads for their healing properties. So for each of the seven chakras, there are correlated crystals and sacred beads that combined with tailored techniques for each person and ailment can bring true and long-lasting health to the individual, as the root of the problem has been properly balanced.

Consider this as a starting point for your own learning, which you may modify as you go towards health and completeness While chakra healing is a continuous process, unblocking and balancing various chakras in response to life changes is more like to spiritual hygiene. It is crucial to understand where in the body we store our emotions and beliefs. By tuning into the body in this manner, we may concentrate on what we need and engage in the real healing process.

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