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The Sacred adjustable bracelet is made of smooth uniform seven mukhi Rudraksha from Java. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with the Hrit Padma or Sacred Heard Chakra, heals and balances it. This is the centre of unconditional love. A balanced Hrit Padma Chakra awakens unconditional love and compassion for self and others, brings understanding of the true nature of self and Universe. The person with unblocked and balanced Sacred Heart Chakra is generous in giving, selfless, accepts self and others as they are, operates from love and not ego, is patient, grateful for everything, helps to evolve spiritually and brings prosperity, joy, peace.

The Seven Mukhi is represented by the goddess of wealth, Mahalakshmi and carries Her blessings. It also helps liberate the wearer from miseries and bestows abundance, good luck, success.

Design: Bracelet made of uniform beads of 7 mukhi rudraksha from Java strung in traditional style with knots.

Ruling deity: Mahalaxmi

Origin: Java

Beej Mantra: Om Hum Namah
Deity Mantra: Om Mahalakshmi Namah

Bracelet strung according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy™

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