Crystal Healing for Muladhara Chakra

Crystal Healing for Muladhara Chakra

People have been entrusting crystals for healing since the dawn of time. These are Mother Earth’s treasures, glittering gems, gemstones, and rock crystals formed by fundamental energy. They can catch the sun, moon, salt oceans, dirt, and mountains in a single shimmer and return all of their healing power to humankind.

Healing crystals have a long history, having graced the breastplates of priests and warriors, been used in shamanic rituals, served as guiding lights for ancient tribes, and been tucked away in the pockets of princesses, mariners, and healers.

In nowadays society, these powerful gemstones have enormous power. They support us in channeling our intentions, raising our vibrations, and bringing forth all of the latent energies, grace, beauty, and charisma we already possess. Everything in life has its own vibration, and if we can align our inner vibrations with the things we want in this world, we may be able to materialize them into our lives.

Crystals, with their purifying power and uplifting vibrations, may well assist in bridging that gap. These glistening gemstones of enchantment also inspire us to cleanse our thoughts, sit in meditation, and ponder how we might quiet our monkey minds and go into deeper healing through our energy centers or chakras.

Crystals and gemstones are used to stimulate, balance, or increase the chakras’ energy. They have a natural healing frequency that may be engaged to help move or balance energy around them. Every crystal vibrational resonance matches distinct energy centers (chakras) through our body.

Each crystal has the capability of intensifying or balancing the energy center you are focused on. To choose a healing crystal, consider numerous aspects of the gemstone, such as its energy quality, color, and the intuitive or personal connection you feel with it. You may activate the healing potential of the gemstones by using purpose and intuition. Active imagination aid in reaching the area where gemstones or crystals may be used in conjunction with chakra healing.

Through the crystal, the energy is directed and intensified. It then impacts or resonates with the vibration or frequency of the chakra being focused on. At the same time, adequate sun exposure while wearing the crystals allows the sunlight to pass through them taking their healing energy and disseminating the frequencies of its colors into our chakras bringing them to balance.

Healing gemstones and crystals that have been cleansed and charged are most effective when placed near the dysfunctional chakra. They are often worn as jewelry or put directly over a chakra in need of balance. There are several methods to include healing gemstones into your daily life and surroundings. You may, for example, place them in a fixed position in your dwelling, scatter them over your house and workplace, carry them with you, or for more effective and sounding healing results wear them as jewelry.

Physical and non-physical indicators develop whenever there is a blockage in the chakra system. However, since the Root (Muladhara) Chakra is where energy is first raised up, any disturbance in energy flow via this chakra makes achieving balance in the other chakras difficult. Therefore, when it comes to balance our energy centers (chakras) and raising up the kundalini energy through them it is very important always to start taking care of our Muladhara to make sure we are building a healthy energetic structure all across our body, which can be done by using the correct crystals attuned to the energies of our root chakra.

Raising the Root (Muladhara) Chakra energy is about establishing a sense of physical and emotional safety so that you may begin working through those higher emotions. The best root chakra crystals are usually those with the same color hue as Muladhara – envisage deep reds, earthy brown hues, and blacks.

Red Coral also known as Moonga stone is the first choice indicated for healing an imbalanced Muladhara. Wearing Red Moonga (Pagadam) gemstone possess remarkable healing benefits, amongst them: Red Coral removes obstacles and springs the impetus and fortitude in the face of adversity. Laziness and procrastination are things of the past when the Triangle Moonga Ring is worn. This gemstone benefits the wearer with the quality of perseverance and instils courage, and the ability to stay grounded, bringing to balance Muladhara.

Cat’s Eye gemstone also known as Lehsunia is another powerful gemstone used as first choice also to heal and balance Muladhara with exceptional results. This crystal is a powerful talisman that helps the wearer to be attuned to the natural world. Meditating on this potent gemstone is said to attract earth energies and offers grounding, peace, enhanced concentration and fertility.

Red Carnelian ranging from orange to light red hues has been historically worn for strength and courage, thus red carnelian is used to cleanse and activate the Root (Muladhara) Chakra. Red Jasper is a semi-precious earthy gemstone also known as the “ring bringer” gem is also used to cleanse and balance Muladhara.

Bloodstone which features dark green with red spots has been traditionally worn to promote self-esteem and dispel negative energies, helping in grounding our root chakra. Black Tourmaline is a very powerful black absorbing crystal that has the ability to retain everything negative around our surroundings (thus requiring routine purging of the crystal) and it is known for its exceptional grounding properties and balancing of Muladhara. Obsidian is a less known black gemstone which is also used for cleansing and balancing Muladhara, which is very good for protection and feeling safe, too.

Besides the above well-known crystals and gemstones to bring to balance our Muladhara chakra, there are others as well which may be equally useful for this same purpose. The difference lies mostly in personal preference, style and fashion but it is important to find expert advice on which one’s best suit us depending on our needs and particular conditions, as they all have different properties.

Another less commonly known crystals for balancing Muladhara are:

All types of Jaspers are deemed to be deeply rooted with the electromagnetic forces of Earth; we have already mentioned Red Jasper but brownish to black jaspers are also excellent for intensifying our connection with nature.

The red hue of Garnet corresponds to the color ray of the root chakra, and it promotes emotional stability and aids in satisfying our desire for belonging. Garnet is unique in its capacity to synchronize the body’s energy with our founding roots, allowing energy to flow freely from our root chakra upwards.

Onyx is perfect for balancing the Root (Muladhara) chakra as well. This fascinating and silky gemstone with an intense and clean back color and surface has a very ancient history. This crystal was supposed to be a formidable defender, as well as a sharpener of the senses and bodily reactions, which represents our need for protection and a source of physical vitality what this crystal provides richly.

Black Coral is another resourceful gemstone to bring to balance the root chakra. The subtle energy of this crystal transmutes negative energies into positive and grounding emphasis, very much used for anxieties rushing from our roots. This crystal has the capability to uncover any hidden potentials you may have and it is very useful to make you understand your hidden energies in order to move forward in life with a strengthened circulation of vitality in your body.

The first step in preparing is to create an environment that resonates with the energy of the Root (Muladhara) Chakra. To balance this energy center, you must be relaxed and connected with Nature’s grounding senses of sight, smell, and sound coming from these natural surroundings, so that you feel that connection with the Earth element, which will make you more receptive to the energy of the crystals and also set them up in the right environment to make the most of their properties. Notwithstanding if this not possible to do, you can do this at home, as crystals work very effectively over your physical body at any place.

One of the most effective methods to use crystals and gemstones to balance your root chakra is to relax and lie down in a comfortable position at home, preferably with open windows so that you still receive alfresco energies from nature being clean air, sunlight, sounds, smells, etc. This also helps you to relax your breath and calm down for an enhanced experience and receptivity. Anything coming from outdoors may it be the sound of chirping birds, the smell of the trees, the sound of sea waves, and everything else produced by nature will help to attune.

Balancing Muladhara with crystals is way straightforward because this energy center is related with anything physical as our bones and structures, thus simply holding the chakra healing crystals on our body already makes Muladhara absorb their energies as per the gravitational pull of the Earth. Keeping laying down in a relaxed breathing interaction with nature works wonders by itself. Chanting the beej sound of the Root (Muladhara) Chakra which is LAM or listening to it while doing the above will help even more to attune us to the energy of the crystals.

Wearing the same crystals along the day will increase their balancing properties, as the most they keep in touch against your skin the faster and deeper you allow their vibrational healing energies balance your root chakra and hence, all the area surrounding the physical location of Muladhara in the body. Today, there are numerous fancy ways to wear beautiful crystals for this healing purpose, ranging from rings to earrings, which are the most common, to wearing them in bracelets and pendants. It is recommended that you always consult with your crystal’s provider expert to better guide you about which finger or in which wrist (right or left) to wear them on, in order for them to be really effective for you.

Crystals and gemstones are also considered as storehouses of divine energy. Gems absorb, reflect and radiate different frequencies of light and with their constant contact with the skin bring about changes in the body’s energy field. Each color ray is connected with one or more of the Chakras. Sun rays passing through a gemstone make it emit a cosmic color that is absorbed by the body Chakras, bringing the affected Chakra to a state of balance.

In RRST ® (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) devised by Sakhashree Neeta after two decades of research on the effectiveness of gems on chakras an advanced methodology is used so that crystals for Muladhara are worn in such a way that 100% of their properties are harnessed to open up and balance this chakra when it is blocked. An expert and individualized study is carried out along the best and most adequate selection of the proper gemstone (crystal) as per the emotional and physical state and specific concerns of the client. The RRST combinations open up Muladhara chakra effortlessly and empower you with good health, abundance, success and spiritual upliftment irrespective of astrological chart.

To gain maximum benefits and get optimal results from the energies flooding from crystals, the science of Chakra Vastu is also taken into consideration when using crystals for healing as per RRST too. Chakra Vastu is the science that maps the 8 Chakras (subtle energies in the human aura) with the Vastu Shastra (or the Vastu Purush). This not only applies to the human body parts where gemstones are to be worn but also when it comes to large crystal clusters when considering that the right place in the house should be aligned with the spiral flow of energy from the earth which can be from north to south and from east to west lines and in the middle of these, where geopathic stress zones are formed at the meeting points of these lines. At Chakra Yog Foundation we have extensive experience in where to best place and wear crystals. When crystals for Muladhara are utilized the lower pelvic region of the body is where these are placed upon for to obtain the best beneficial results. Also, the South corner of the house is recommended for placing big clusters of healing crystals to bring to balance Muladhara.

When you first take your crystal to home, you should cleanse it to remove any negativity that might have taken up. You may rinse it in a natural source of water or hold it under cold, running water from any faucet. In any case, make sure that the water is cold, no too warm or hot.

To truly assist the crystal in getting rid of negative energy, add a touch of sea salt to the cleanse or burn sage. You may also leave it out to dry in the early sunlight or full moon light to allow light to pass through it for an optimal energization.

To allow crystals to perform their magic, you must disregard any negative belief or mistrust you may have regarding their powers. It is critical that you appreciate what they can accomplish for you.

Decide what you believe you are lacking before looking at what crystals you may supply for your needs. This will support you in indicating what is going on inside oneself prior to relying on other sources.

From there, follow your instincts to choose what is best for you. Whether a crystal catches your eyesight or you sense a bodily pull toward one, your subconscious mind will assist direct you to the gem that is best for you. After you’ve chosen it, then only establishing the needed connection is left.

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